There are many women who find that their libido can let them down when it comes to getting frisky between the sheets. Rosie Rees, founder of the Yoni Pleasure Palace shares her top 10 secrets to boosting your libido. 

Eat high-vibe food.

Our body is a temple, so eating a variety of live organic veg and fruit can help keep our bodies clear of disease, energised and vibrant. You know what they say: “The brain is the biggest sex organ” so keeping a healthy body helps to create healthy brain function. If you’re feeling foggy or flat all the time - look at your diet. How are you meant to feel like table-toppling sex if you feel low in energy??

Move your body.

Many people don’t feel like sex because they don’t love their bodies and dread being seen naked. If you sweat for at least 30 minutes a day you will feel more confident and sexy in your physical body, enhancing your sex drive and desire for yourself (and thus your partner!). Find a way YOU love to move your body, i.e. dancing, swimming, running, golf, kung fu, gym, hot yoga, salsa etc. 


Consistently use your Yoni Egg.

The operative word being “consistently”. When you dedicate at least three times a week to a yoni egg ‘kegel’ practice, you will start to feel more juicy, aroused, sexually sensitised and connected to your pelvic floor. With just 15-30 minutes a day of squeezing your pelvic floor (with a crystal weight), your libido will go through the roof! Trust me...

Wear lingerie everyday.

Because why not? Allow the fabric of the silk or the lace make you feel like a sexually embodied, yummy, delicious woman. What really matters is how YOU feel about yourself and if you’re wearing granny undies every day, well, it might not be enhancing your sex drive. Invest in a high quality lingerie line, make sure it is comfortable and fits perfectly and don’t be afraid to actually wear it. Besides, you never know who or when you’re going to meet someone and want a quickie ;)

Massage your beautiful breasts.

In tantra, a woman’s heart is considered her ‘positive pole’ (we give from this space) and her yoni is considered her ‘negative pole’ (we receive into this space). When a woman connects to her heart she is more inclined to open to sexual experiences (imagine there is an invisible link between the breasts and vagina). So opening the heart through a self-loving ritual of breast massage will help to activate and open the Yoni. Invest in a beautiful breast massage oil (like our Yoni Elixir Oil) and create a daily practice after each shower. The aromas and massage will help to activate the sensory receptors we have in our breast tissue, lymphatic glands and nipples.


Lower stress levels.

If we are highly strung, anxious or stressed all the time we have a higher level of cortisol in our bodies, leading to feelings of depression, frustration and fight or flight (trauma responses). These are massive sex-killers! By relaxing the nervous system through meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and slowing down our day-to-day life, we will be more likely to desire love-making!

Let nature turn on your Root Chakra.

When we are closer to Mother Earth, we feel more connected to Source (God, Universe etc), making us feel more alive and at peace. Simply walking barefoot on the grass, being amongst the trees, going to a beautiful look-out or for a bush walk can wake up our Root Chakra (and give your feet some much needed acupuncture/reflexology). Find a place to self pleasure on the Earth or make love amongst the trees and feel the sexual vibrancy you generate!

Make time to Self Pleasure.

Unless we know how to give ourselves an orgasm, how can we expect anyone else to know? Dedicate at least once or twice a week to pulling out your Crystal Pleasure Wand and create quality time for internal pussy massage. Find different positions and ways to make yourself orgasm or squirt and make sure you don’t become addicted to the vibrator as it may desensitise the nerve endings. Balance and moderation is key! 


Delight in erotic literature.

By reading an erotic novel or watching conscious porn like Erica Lust or OMGYes, it creates a neural pathway between your brain and vagina. Sometimes ‘word porn’ can be just as arousing as actual porn, particularly for a woman. Eat the words and allow yourself to get turned on! 

Receive a Yoni Massage.

So many women hold trauma, pain, numbness and discomfort in their vagina - making intercourse or orgasm uncomfortable or even impossible. Receiving a yoni massage from a trained practitioner (check out our Yoni Massage Therapist Directory) will help to clear out negative juju whilst awakening the nerve endings internally helping you feel more pleasure and love in this space! 

Do you have your own secrets to increasing your libido? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment below! xo 

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July 27, 2018 — Rosie Rees

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