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We recently caught up with our gemologist Kyle to talk all things crystals and have Kyle answer all our juicy crystal questions for you! 

Keep reading and get educated on just how special your crystal Yoni Egg or Pleasure Wand really is! 

What factors must be considered when using crystals as a dildo, butt plug or yoni egg?

As far as internal use for any crystal, the Mohs Hardness scale is the first indicator that helps narrow down what you should be working with. Those with a hardness of 6.5/7 and above (like Quartz), plus those with a high density (like Jade) will usually have the integrity and stability to use, but there are exceptions to the rule.

If they have been treated, coated, dyed, heated/cooled rapidly (which causes fracturing and destabilising the internal structure), or not cleaned properly, all of these things will make them unsafe for internal use.

What crystals are safe to use inside the vagina and why?

The Quartz family of minerals and those related if checked are dense and hard enough to work with, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine (natural only, not heat-treated). Plus the minerals that are Quartz based like Carnelian (which is a Chalcedony) or Agate.

Jade (both Nephrite and Jadeite) are some of the most dense minerals on the planet. Which makes up for being a slightly softer material.

Obsidian as a natural amorphous glass (not technically a crystal) the similarities to regular glass make it also safe to work with.

There are more minerals that are harder on the Mohs scale, but they are rarely quantifiable/large enough to carve and make into these sorts of things.

Amethyst Crystal

Which crystals are unsafe to use inside the vagina and why?

Anything else 6 or softer on the Mohs scale is a good indicator not to use it, those that are harder must be without major fracturing or enhancement, these can be checked with warm water that has a little acidity like lemon or vinegar. This can help to reveal any dyes or coating that have made it unsafe.

Mixed minerals are also unsafe as they usually have different densities, so they may seem safe but don't have the internal structure to make them such as Unakite.

Man-Made 'crystals' like Opalite are unsafe due to the amount of ingredients used to created them, it doesn't have the same density.

Can you speak to the benefits - physical and non physical - of using a body-safe crystal (yoni egg, pleasure wand or butt plug) in your self pleasure practice?

Physically, sexual health is important because it's a natural part of human energy and having a healthy relationship with yourself.

So if they are able to aid you in that journey, that's an awesome thing, as any pleasure should be as the word suggests, pleasurable!

Crystals non-physically, can aid us in being more open with ourselves and our partners, to heal trauma, break through blockages and aid us in understanding ourselves better.

Kyle Perez

If someone wants to practice sexual healing - which stone may be best to work with and why?

The best stones to work with for sexual healing are both not safe for internal use, Orange Calcite and Tangerine Quartz aid in the identification of sexual trauma and how to heal it.

Orange Calcite is a softer energy and Tangerine Quartz is more direct, but both are the best to work with.

Internally and also notable to use are Rose Quartz, which initiates self-love in all forms.

Carnelian, which is a pleasure and sexuality focused energy aiding in ones healing journey for repression.

Obsidian removes negative influences and can be very empowering.

Clear Quartz is the master healer and energiser, so is perfect for any form of healing.

How can one feel safe to use a crystal pleasure wand, plug or yoni egg?

The simplest way to feel safe is to use protective care like a condom or vaginal/anal dam, crystals can help by being in direct contact with our human form, but it's not essential for it to work properly.

But cleaning and regular checks for cracks/fissures will help everything to be safe otherwise.

As our bodies are warm, warm water is best for cleaning as this also ensures the material isn't shocked into fracturing/breaking.

Kyle Perez

How should you clean or cleanse your crystals so that they are most effective?

Energetic cleansing with the full moon or salt water will be perfect in that regard, except Carnelian which as a fire element stone likes to be cleansed in sunlight, otherwise warm soapy water is fine to wash then rinse and dry (especially important with the use of lubricants). Some people love to use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to clean their crystals, however these can be quite acidic which can deteriorate the crystal over time, so best in moderation. You can also invest in some cleansers via Yoni Pleasure Palace. Check them out here.

What happens if we break a crystal product? What should we do with it? (Obviously not use it…but how do we dispose of it or give it back to the earth or use for another function ?)

Whenever I have a stone that has broken especially into a lot of pieces, it's a sign it's done what it can do for you and we gift it back into the earth. I like to bury them in my yard/pot-plants!

If there is still integrity to it, it can be used once cleansed for meditation purposes.

How can we check for external imperfections? What if a crystal has a minor imperfection and we can’t use it - what’s another use for it?

Tongue test for sure, and the warm water with some lemon juice/vinegar will help to show if it's safe to work with.

If it's unsafe internally, we can meditate with the crystals and they can be just as powerful to work with. Place them in an altar or with your journal to connect with their energy that way.

You can check out Kyle via instagram @thecrystallinemage


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August 11, 2022 — Rosie Rees


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