About Crystal Pleasure Wand Dildos

Crystal Pleasure Wands are a safe, sexy and eco way to self pleasure that combines both healing and empowerment. They offer a natural alternative to rubber, plastic, jelly or silicone dildos, and despite bein
g naturally "cold and hard" crystal wands cultivate an incredibly sensual internal experience, especially when warmed up to body temperature and lathered in your favourite organic lubricant

Crystal wands are 100% natural semi-precious gemstones (mined from the earth), hand-carved, polished into an ultra-smooth texture and free from synthetic materials such as dyes, waxes, glue, chemicals or filler acrylics. As they are free from any toxins, they are a totally body-safe, toxin-free option for our most sensitive nether regions - just like borosilicate glass but even prettier and earthier! 

Carved into the shape of a dildo, anal plug or yoni egg, crystals are deeply healing and pleasurable when used in the correct way. Remember to choose your wand based on the energetic properties it embodies that will help with your emotional, mental and physical needs. You can read about the crystal properties of our Yoni Pleasure Palace wands here.

Here are some helpful tips to using your crystal wand:


1. Safely Wash Your Crystal Dildo

Emphasis on the word safely. Before using your crystal, ensure you wash it in warm soapy water or add a few sprays of our toy cleaner. We recommend laying down a soft washer or flannel in the sink to avoid dropping and breaking your beloved stone. Due to a high number of breakages we highly recommend not taking your wand into the shower! Warning: SLIPPERY WHEN WET. 

Never use boiling hot water to wash your crystal otherwise the intensity and pressure may crack the stone, deeming it unable to use. 

We have an in-depth article here on how to clean your sex toys.

2. Energetically Cleanse Your Crystal Wand

It's important to regularly energetically cleanse your crystal wand. Crystals absorb energy, so it’s important to neutralise the crystal by doing one or more of the following techniques:

● Leave overnight under a full moon (even if it’s cloudy).
● Rinse or soak in salty water (ideally the ocean but you can also use sea salt from the kitchen).
● Leave in a bowl of salt crystals overnight.
● Smudge with your favourite white sage or cleansing stick.
● Leave in the sunshine (not too long or it might fade).
● Wrap in cotton and bury in the earth - don't forget to remember where you put it!


3. Use The Power of Intention

To maximise your use out of the crystal, set your intention into the stone each time before using it. Crystals are natural entities from the earth and can be programmed with a heart-felt intention. Simply close your eyes, place your crystal in your hands or against your heart, and feel into an authentic intention that rises up for you. Combining an authentic intention with a self pleasure ritual is a highly potent practice that can create ripple effects your life. 

Naturally, Rose Quartz is an amplifying self love stone that helps to connect you with your heart, soften emotional tension, fill up your cup and lessen grief, sadness, resentment or stress in the heart-space. An intention you might program into your Rose Quartz wand is to nurture your heart, heal a broken heart, release anger towards someone, forgive an enemy or amplify more love in your life! 

Black Obsidian on the other hand is a highly protective, grounding and clearing volcanic stone that helps you to energetically release negative energy. When used in a self pleasure ritual, this can help let go of sexual trauma stored in the Yoni or womb and shed any limiting stories or patterns around your sex, love or relationships. It can help you come into a stronger space of self worth and control and help to release emotions like shame or guilt that block the natural flow of energy in the body. 

 4. Starting Your Pleasure Wand Practice

Crystal wands can be used for a multitude of purposes, depending on their shape, size and intention for use. Here are some just to name a few:

  • G-Spot Stimulation 
  • Cervix Orgasmic Pleasure 
  • Anal massage and plugging 
  • Vaginal Deamouring (internal massage and pressure-point activation)
  • Vaginal Dilation (stretching if there is too much tension)
  • Sexual healing 
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Clearing energy field (similar to a Selenite wand)

When starting out, it's best to talk it slow and steady. Warm up your pleasure wand, add a few drops of your favourite organic lubricant (we recommend Yinn - as featured in Goop) and take some deep slow breaths. Set your intention into your wand and then start by guiding your wand in little by little. It may slide in quickly or it may take many minutes for it to glide inside. Either way, don't rush yourself or feel like there is a "right or wrong" way of doing it. It's all about being patient, gentle and slow with yourself. You might be used to a quick goal-focused vibrator-induced orgasm (which is not a bad thing) so it may feel boring and unproductive. This is totally normal! But stay with it and let yourself feel...

Follow the curiosity of your touch. Sliding it deeper in, pressing to the side, to the top of the vagina, to the bottom. Add more lubricant. Breathe deeply. Watch yourself in the mirror. Cry, laugh, scream - let yourself express yourself. Go slower, go faster, pause. Press on the g-spot, rub it up and down, go deeper towards the cervix. Pause. Tap. Slide side to side, or around and around. Gently nudge the end of your vagina with love and presence. Open your mouth as you do so and release any authentic sound that wants to be released. 

It's ideal to lay down a small waterproof Splash Blanket™ to capture any lubricant spills, vaginal fluid, squirt or anything else that comes out!




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November 29, 2023 — Rosie Rees

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