Helloooooo 2024!

As you settle into the new year and look ahead to what shifts and changes you want in your life, you’re probably thinking about things like abundance, relationships, and community. All wonderful and very important things to be intentional about, but there’s another area of your life that needs to be examined…

Your pleasure.

Life is about the little moments, the small bits of joy, connection, and of course – pleasure. But all those moments add up, so making the resolution to experience more pleasure in your day-to-day life means a more pleasurable year overall. 

There’s no time like the present, so why not start today?

Here are our top ways to make pleasure your New Year’s resolution:

Slow Down

Life moves so fast.

We’re already in another year. So why not savor it?

It may seem simple but one of the most effective ways to experience more pleasure in your life is to slow way down. Pleasure isn’t just sexual. It’s the moments in between where you feel life buzzing within and outside you. It’s the time you take to just be, just feel. 

Slowing down in your sex life, whether that’s solo or with someone else can help heighten moments of pleasure, increase connection, and let your orgasms build to explosive levels.

You can start right now by closing your eyes for a moment, inhaling deeply, and truly taking these words in. 

Use Your Voice

Communication is everything.

Whether it’s how you communicate with yourself, your partner, or the many other people in your life. It’s also essential for your pleasure. 

If you’re having sex with someone else, remember that they can’t read your mind. You have to be able to communicate with them about what turns you on, what your boundaries are, and what feels good.

Communicating your needs means more pleasure because people actually know how to please you – and it can be its own hot form of foreplay!

Start a Pleasure Practice

Pleasure can be like a muscle. The more you work it out, the easier it gets to access it. 

We already know how fast life moves, so sometimes you have to set aside intentional time to experience pleasure – whether that’s with yourself or a partner. You can make this like a “date day”, again we love solo dates too!

That doesn’t just mean sex, although that can definitely be a big part of your pleasure practice. Some other juicy practices to add in are baths, self-massage or partnered massage, and sensual movement or dance.

Invest in Your Pleasure

What’s a pleasure practice without the right tools?

One of the biggest ways to unlock new levels of pleasure is with tantalizing toys. When you invest in your pleasure, you’re locking in the intention and communicating how worthy you are of experiencing more of it!

Our suggestion? We’re loving the Obsidian Curve Crystal Dildo. The gentle curve of this dildo helps to stimulate the G-spot and cervical stimulation and is a great option for people who are new to intra-vaginal masturbation.

You also get the extra perk of black obsidian’s healing and grounding properties that may help clear out emotions of sexual shame or trauma that’s blocking you from your full pleasure potential. 

For more inspiration, please feel free to check out our blog or join our private Facebook group dedicated to anything sexual, relationship/love, menstruation, masturbation, kink, yoni egg related, and more!

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January 09, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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