3 Simple Tips for Experiencing Better Orgasms

What's better than an orgasm? An amazing, intense, out-of-this world orgasm! As with many things, there is always room for improvement. The same is true for orgasms. Something that is already amazing can always be better!

I've put together some tips for bringing your orgasms from amazing to AH-MAZING. All it really takes is some dedicated private time and willingness to explore and you'll be on your way to next-level orgasms.

3 Easy Steps for More Intense Orgasms

For these orgasm-boosting practices, set aside some private time to fully commit to yourself in a judgment-free space. In total, the practice takes around 2o to 25 minutes.

This time frame allows you enough of a chance to fully immerse yourself in the practice, explore, and reach a full state of arousal. It can be useful to set a timer so you know exactly when the minutes are up.

Some natural, organic lubricant can be a helpful, enjoyable addition to these practices.

1. Prepare Your Body

Begin by making yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Being in this state of mind will allow your body to receive the full benefits of these practices. Next: 

  • Lay flat on your back and use a pillow to comfortably elevate your head, if desired

  • Remove all clothing from the waist down (or get completely naked if you prefer)

  • Open your legs, using a pillow to support your knees if necessary

  • Place one hand over your heart and the other hand over your Yoni (vulva)


2. Open Your Mind

Breathing is an excellent way to prepare your mind and body for pleasure, so pay close attention to the depth, rhythm, and rate of your breath. To bring about calming, deep breaths, try the following steps: 

  • With your eyes closed, take 20 deep, purposeful breaths through your nose

  • Maintaining your hand placement (one hand on your heart, the other on your yoni), stay conscious of your breathing

  • Inhale deeply through your mouth

  • Upon exhale, release a gentle, audible "ahhhhh" 

  • Repeat until you feel fully relaxed

3. Pleasure Time!


Once you are 100% relaxed, comfortable, and ready to continue, it is time to explore your yoni. To begin:

  • Massage your entire vulva in circular motions using a comfortable amount of pressure 

  • Continue conscious breathing, making the "ahh" sound through an open mouth on the exhale

  • You can use one hand, both hands - it is all about whatever feels good to you!

  • Focus on exploring and experiencing all parts of your yoni, from the outer and inner labia to the groin to your mons pubis

  • Once you have fully explored your yoni, focus in on your clitoris using slow, deliberate circles

  • Continue with conscious breathing and releasing the "ahh" sound with each exhale

Pay attention to which areas bring about the strongest, most pleasurable response. Is it the top? The bottom? The right or left side? Try to zero in and find that "sweet spot".

Pay attention to movement as well. Do you prefer faster or slower circles? Softer or firmer touch?

Once you find your sweet spot and pressure, change from circular motions to up and down strokes.

Shorter, faster strokes generally help build up pleasure and excitement. Slower, longer strokes can help you calm down a bit if you want to prolong your pleasure while continuing to build up for the big moment.

Continue stroking and exploring your clitoris for the remainder of the 20 to 25 minutes until the timer beeps.

Important: Do not allow yourself, at any point, to go beyond a 9 on the pleasure scale of 1 being feeling nothing and 10 being orgasm.

If you hit a '9' o the pleasure scale, slow down with longer strokes to maintain the bliss and extend that heightened state of pleasure.

More Tips For Ramping Up Your Ograsms

To further enhance your experience, try these additional tips: 

  • Do this practice as often as you wish, such as several times a week, every morning, or every night before bed

  • Avoid using anything other than your fingers for this practice 

  • When your 20 to 25 minutes is up and your session is over, feel free to play around some more and see what happens!

    Chances are, you will have built up so much pressure and excitement that it may be necessary to go ahead and let yourself hit that '10' on the pleasure scale. And maybe that '10' will feel more like an 11 or 12 after your steamy session!

  • If you desire to bring out your favourite toys (or your partner) when the timer goes off, go for it! Or you can continue pleasuring yourself with your fingers.

    Or, perhaps you are done exploring for the time being and want to hold off on any further stimulation until your next session. As with anything related to your sexual pleasure, anything goes! Allow yourself to give your body exactly what it needs and desires at that moment -- free of any judgment, time constraints, or expectations. 

Knowledge Is Power

I hope these steps will allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, accept your body, embrace your feminine power, and -- of course -- have an out-of-this-world orgasm!




For more inspiration, please feel free to check out my blog or join my private Facebook group dedicated to all-things-sex. 

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March 16, 2020 — Rosie Rees

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