Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Ruby Josif

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Ruby Josif

Ruby Josif is a Certified Therapeutic Yoni Massage Practitioner, Certified Holistic Sex Coach, a Female Sexuality Specialist and a Feminine Embodiment Practitioner.

Working one-on-one with women, with couples and with groups, she combines her diverse and extensive training in sexology, Therapeutic Yoni Massage, Neo-Tantra, embodiment and the erotic arts to provide clients with a holistic, non-judgmental and open approach to sexual healing, cultivating erotic aliveness and conscious relating.

It is through her integrated approach that she gently supports her clients to overcome sexual challenges, return home to the truth of their body and come into connection with their authentic needs, desires and boundaries so they can feel empowered in their sexual authenticity and deepen their experience of sex, pleasure and relating.

Whether it’s through coaching and mentorship or Therapeutic Yoni Massage, Ruby is an expert at guiding her clients to strip away the layers of societal conditioning and integrate internalised shame and negative stories that are preventing her clients from exploring and expressing their true sexual essence and nature.

Ruby has been walking her own path of sexual liberation for over 7 years now, and has experienced the most profound transformation in her life and relationships that she attributes to her sexual healing journey. It is also because of this, that Ruby is passionate about creating a space where her clients feel safe to discover the truth of who they are as sexual beings so they can come into their fullest and most authentically expressed selves.

Some words from one of Ruby's Therapeutic Yoni Massage Clients:

"Over the past three years, I've faced numerous challenges - from navigating the complexities of coparenting after ending a twenty-year marriage to embarking on a journey of personal transformation that led to shedding forty-five kilos and rediscovering myself in the midst of unexpected love. Throughout this tumultuous period, I found myself increasingly disconnected from my body, struggling to embrace intimacy and accept my own worthiness.

Seeking a catalyst for change, I reached out to the universe with a willingness to embark on any path that would help me reconnect with myself. Serendipitously, I crossed paths with Ruby, who was welcoming new clients to her Yoni Massage practice.

While I consider myself adventurous, the thought of allowing a stranger such intimate access initially evoked feelings of trepidation. However, from the moment Ruby and I connected on a Zoom call, my concerns melted away. Ruby exuded warmth, professionalism, and expertise, immediately putting me at ease.

During our session, Ruby guided me through every step of the Yoni Massage process with care and respect, explaining what to expect and ensuring I felt comfortable and empowered to explore this deeply personal experience. Her gentle presence and
thoughtful approach created a safe space for me to release any discomfort or tension, allowing me to surrender to the journey unfolding before me.

Following the session, I experienced a profound sense of relaxation and introspection. As I drifted into sleep that evening, I felt a shift occurring within me, gradually releasing long-held beliefs and gaining deeper insights into my body's needs and desires.

In the weeks that followed, Ruby continued to offer unwavering support, offering a listening ear and compassionate guidance if I needed to process my experiences and emotions. Her commitment to my well-being extended beyond the session itself, reflecting her genuine care and dedication to my journey of self-discovery.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ruby to anyone seeking to reconnect with themselves on the most intimate level. With her nurturing demeanour and extensive expertise, Ruby offers a transformative experience that transcends physical touch, empowering individuals to reclaim their sense of self-worth and embrace the beauty of their bodies."



Margaret River + Fremantle, Western Australia