Self-care is one of the biggest buzzwords of the last decade, especially in the wellness sphere. But it’s not just about taking baths and meditating – although we’re big fans of both. 

You know what doesn’t get talked about enough in self-care conversation? Your yoni. 

Carving out time to connect with your sense of pleasure and power is a form of self-care in itself – and whew is it a powerful one!

It’s not uncommon to feel disconnected from your yoni, especially when you look at the societies many of us grew up in. 

But guess what?

This is your body and you get to define (or redefine) your relationship to it. That’s why we’ve rounded up five tools to help you on your yoni self-care journey!

1) Solo Sex

We don’t typically think of masturbation as a form of self-care, but it absolutely is. Not only are you making time to just *be* with yourself, but you’re also saying “My pleasure is so important that I’m going to make it a priority.”

Masturbation offers a whole lot of benefits from relieving stress to boosting your mood. Exploring your body is powerful. Orgasms are powerful. You are powerful. Now that’s some serious self-care!

While you can do it the old-fashioned way (your hand can definitely get the job done), it can be a game changer to use a toy like a crystal dildo or a vibrator.

2) Yoni Eggs

Another one of our favorite self-care practices at YPP using yoni eggs. These sphere (or egg) shaped tools are typically made from crystal or glass and come in different sizes – so you can choose the right one for your body.

Yoni eggs are placed in your vagina while you explore different practices and rituals to help you connect to your womb space. When used consistently they may assist you in strengthening the muscles of your pelvic floor, enhancing orgasms, and healing deep-rooted sexual blocks and traumas. 

3) Vulva Mask

Sheet masks aren’t just for your face! If your vulva could use a little TLC, we have just the tool for you.

Our Restore Vulva Mask is formulated with nourishing ingredients like Lactobacillus ferment, a non-living probiotic that helps to reduce irritation and itching (especially for those with BV or thrush); willow bark extract for its anti-inflammatory properties and gentle exfoliation (good-bye pesky ingrown hairs!); and pineapple fruit extract for boosting hydration and increasing skin cell turnover

Treat your vulva right while helping to minimize blemishes and rough skin caused by aging and hair removal. 

Yoni steaming throne

4) Yoni Steam

If you’ve never experienced a yoni steam…your life is about to change. 

Yoni steams are done by sitting over a pot of steeped herbs chosen specifically for womb healing – many people have special stools and seats designed for steaming. The combination of healing herbs and warming, moisturizing steam makes for a calming, yet potent practice that helps to detoxify the womb and yoni. 

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice that has been used by people around the world and may help to regulate periods and reduce menstrual pain, ease symptoms of menopause, support postpartum healing, and release past traumas and blockages. 

5) Womb Healing Meditation

Whether or not meditation is part of your normal self-care routine, you can take this practice to the next level with an intentional womb-healing meditation

As people with vulvas, we hold so much in our wombs. Setting aside intentional time to focus on releasing tension and connecting with your body on such a deep level can be incredibly transformative. You can use womb healing meditation to help tune into your body’s innate wisdom, ignite more pleasure and sensation in your yoni, clear physical and emotional pain, and start envisioning your womb as a sacred space.

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January 03, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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