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If you already own a jade egg or have been curious about buying one, this is your article!

Jade eggs can help strengthen your lady parts, open you up to new sensations and pleasure, and enhance your sex life. But -- and this is the key -- only if you actually use them!

I have talked to so many women who excitedly purchased a jade egg, only to have it wind up tucked away in the back of a drawer, ignored and unused. While it is easy to start out with motivation, many women become overwhelmed with the best way to get results with a jade egg and give up.

Another issue is time. Our fast-paced world can make it difficult to find sufficient time for practicing with your jade egg.

I totally get it. You wake up at the crack of dawn, roll out of bed, take a quick shower, grab breakfast, and you are out the door. How can you make time for jade egg exercises too?

Fortunately, I have compiled a list of the 6 most effective jade egg tips that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle no matter how busy you are (NOTE: there are times when you can’t wear a yoni egg).

For these exercises, I highly recommend our Traditional Nephrite Jade Egg. This revitalising, medium-sized egg is excellent for beginners, stronger than any other jade on the market, and virtually indestructible. It helps facilitate emotional balance and stability, speed up healing, and maximise sexual pleasure.


Now, let's get into how easy it is to make Jade egg exercises a regular part of your life without sacrificing extra time.

TIP: If you’re a yoni beginner, we recommend starting here first.

1. Wear Your Jade Egg While At Work

An easy way to incorporate a jade egg into your daily routine without sacrificing time is by wearing your Jade egg to work.

You can simply forget about it completely or practice clenching your vaginal muscles and then releasing them whenever you remember.

As your body moves throughout the day, you will automatically benefit from the presence of your Jade egg.

Wearing your Jade Egg during your workday can also serve double duty if you have a particularly stressful job or a demanding boss. To reclaim a calm, peaceful state-of-mind and reconnect with your inner femininity, hold and release your Jade egg during especially stressful moments.

2. Wear Your Jade Egg While Working Out

When you head to the gym, be sure to toss your Jade egg in your gym bag. During exercise, your vaginal muscles will naturally tighten to keep the egg in place.

Before you know it -- and without any extra time or effort -- your vagina will be stronger, healthier, and ready for increased pleasure.

3. Wear Your Jade Egg During Chores

Like it or not, chores are necessary. Mopping, sweeping, dishes, laundry... they're all part of life.

Although these tasks may seem mundane, incorporating a little Jade egg play into your duties can add a little productive fun to your day.

Try playing your favorite music, placing your Jade egg in your yoni, and jumping and dancing around while you complete your tasks.

It's an easy -- and most importantly FUN -- way to strengthen your vaginal muscles and spend some time with your Jade egg in.

4. Bliss Out Your Bath Time

Is there any better feminine ritual than bath time? This sacred, relaxing time is ideal for using your Jade egg.

Once you warm up in the water, consider laying back, closing your eyes, and having some blissful playtime experimenting with your jade egg.

Focus on bringing awareness to all the muscles of your vagina, from the opening to the middle to your cervix.

Work on squeezing and releasing your vaginal muscles to see if you can move the egg within your vaginal canal.

There are all sorts of wonderful ways the water affects Jade egg play, ensuring endless, enjoyable entertainment.

5. Make a Hot Date Even Hotter

Got a hot date planned? Make it even hotter by wearing your yoni egg.

Knowing you have a fun, feminine secret will most certainly keep your date guessing as to why you have a playful smile on your face throughout the night. If all goes well, maybe your date will even get a chance to join in on some jewel playtime later on.

6. Have Some Bedroom Play

I can tell you from personal experience that men pay close attention anytime a woman mentions her Jade egg practice.

As long as it is approached in a genuine, loving manner, men are more than interested - and most times excited and intrigued -- in learning about jade eggs.

The bedroom is a great place for a conversation about your Jade egg practice. Try lightly and playfully incorporating your Jade egg into foreplay. Be sure to check in with each other often, maintain open, clear communication, be honest, say goodbye to judgment, and have fun!

Feeling the Jade egg's sacred, healing power inside you while connecting deeply with a trusted partner can take the energetic sensations between you and your lover to an entirely new level.

Most importantly, be open and see what works best for you. You and your lover may even find that Jade egg play is so much fun that it becomes a consistent part of your bedroom adventures.


Once you are ready to release your Jade egg, find a spot where you can spend the next 5 to 10 minutes without interruption.

Close your eyes and focus on softening your vaginal muscles. During use, our muscles naturally keep our Jade egg in place. However, they easily slip out with minimal effort when it is time.

Once you remove your egg, close your eyes and focus on the sensation of your muscles relaxing and melting. It is important not to focus just on strength building as this can cause the yoni muscles to become too rigid.

Giving your vaginal muscles permission to fully and completely relax after Jade egg exercises ensures a healthy, well-balanced vagina.


During every full moon, re-charge the vibration of your egg and cleanse its energy. This ensures any negative energy that has been picked up during use is cleared.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Wishing you love, pleasure, and a healthy yoni!


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August 07, 2019 — Rosie Rees

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