Is taking a shower or bath the only time you are naked? If so, you may be surprised to find out that spending time in the buff can offer some amazing benefits.

Here are 5 reasons to consider spending more time naked and tips for getting more comfortable in the nude.

1. To Fully Accept Your Body

I have talked to so many women who struggle to love and accept their bodies. By spending more time naked, you are forced to confront your body. With time, you will hopefully start to realise that there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of and that even your "flaws" are unique and special.

As you spend more time naked, you may find yourself feeling more accepting of your body, feeling more comfortable with yourself, and maybe even feeling downright sexy!

2. To Enhance Intimacy

If you are in a relationship, hanging out more in the nude is an easy way to build your bond and promote intimacy. Letting your partner feast their eyes on you and snuggling skin-to-skin are amazing ways to promote feelings of desire and closeness. Cuddling skin-to-skin even promotes the "love" hormone, oyxtocin, to help maintain a physical and emotional connection.

3. To Help Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Leaving your vaginal area uncovered can be an amazing way to prevent skin irritation and help you become more connected to your body.

4. To Promote a Better Night's Sleep

During sleep, your body is hard at work repairing cells, releasing molecules, and restoring energy, making a good night of rest a crucial factor in staying healthy. Lowering your body's temperature is a proven way to help promote a deeper, more restful night of sleep.

Try sleeping naked to help naturally lower your body's temperature and promote a better night of sleep.


5. You Can Leave the Lights On

As you spend more time naked, you will hopefully find yourself increasingly comfortable with your body. This may mean the next time you get intimate with your partner, you'll be asking to leave the lights on. It's an amazing feeling to let your partner look you up and down and take in every single inch of you.

What Are Some Fun Things To Do Naked?


  • Make breakfast (although you may want to watch out for grease splatters if you are cooking at the stove!)

  • Working out (yoga is the perfect nude workout!)

  • Lounging around (reading, sipping a glass of wine, watching a movie or your favourite show)

  • Spend time with your partner

  • Cleaning (put on your favourite songs and vacuum or mop... you might be surprised at how fun cleaning can be!)

One of my favourite ways to spend time naked is nude yoga! This practice proved to be an amazing way for me to fully connect with and accept every part of my body and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to discover true self love.

Tips For Working Up To Spending More Time Naked

If you are uncomfortable with the thought of spending more time naked, here are some ways to ease into it:

  • Sleeping in the nude is one of the best ways to get more comfortable with being naked. It allows you to be covered up while still enjoying the benefits of nudity and increasing your level of comfort with your body.

  • If you are going to be taking a shower or bath, get undressed a few minutes prior to hopping in the shower. Each time, work your way up to more time spent naked before (or after) you bathe or shower.

  • Undress and stand in front of the mirror. Find 10 things you love about your body and name them out loud.


Ready To Spend More Time Naked?

As with anything involving your body, it is important to listen to yourself and stick to what feels comfortable and enjoyable to you.

If you want to learn more about how to truly love yourself, the benefits of nude yoga, or improving your sex life, please feel free to contact me, check out my blog, or join my private Facebook group (a safe space for all things sex, love, and empowerment).

October 02, 2020 — Rosie Rees

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