If your menstrual cycle automatically makes you think of cramps, mood swings, PMS, and cravings, it may be time to switch your focus to the many magical, powerful, incredible reasons to love your period.

Think about it this way: the menstrual cycle is the very means by which life is created. It is something to be awed by, something to cherish, and something to tap into as a source of power and inspiration.

Here are just some of the top reasons to love your period.

1. It Serves As A Health Indicator

The type, texture, and colour of your period blood can actually give you clues about your health. As a system that is sensitive to stress, it can give you insight into your physical and emotional well-being.

By paying close attention to any emotional changes throughout the month, you can get subtle information about your overall health and wellness.

2. It Connects You To Your Body's Natural Rhythm

The menstrual cycle is far more than your actual period. It is a 28 day (approximately) cycle of hormone levels that fluctuate and impact your nutritional needs, skin, and more.

By connecting with this natural cycle and rhythm, you can adjust your skincare routine, eating routine, exercise routine, and more based around where you are in your cycle.

3. It Is A Free Pregnancy Test

A big job of your menstrual cycle is letting you know you aren't pregnant. How amazing is it that our uteruses communicate so clearly with us?

4. It Gives You an Excuse to Relax

Periods can be tiring, making it a great time to purposely slow your pace, relax, and have some fun catching up on your favourite shows. Slowing down is especially important for the first day or two or your period, since this is when you lose the most blood. It is a beautiful time to appreciate your body and give it the rest it needs.


5. It Reminds You How Powerful You Are

Period cramps are the real deal when it comes to pain, and a new study confirms how disruptive this pain can be. While women are already well aware of how painful our periods can be, it is good to have scientific back up.

It can be helpful to remember that the pain is a reminder of how much we are capable of handling. View your menstrual cycle as a time of primal power, heightened senses, and pride.

Another way to think of it is this: If our body is not using energy to make a baby, we can tap into this 'life creating energy' and use it to create, reflect, manifest, and revel in the magic of being a woman.

*Special Note - Period cramps are normal, but be sure to talk to your doctor if you experience extreme pains as this could indicate a problem.

6. It May Make Workouts Easier

Although you may think curling up on the couch during your period is the perfect way to rest and relax (and it certainly is!), another way to relax is a good workout. While you may think there is no way your period can make working out easier, exercise can be awesome during your period.


New research suggests that we have a higher pain threshold and a faster recovery time during menstruation, making it possible to push harder than we normally might.

Exercise is also well-known for its ability to help relieve period discomfort and pain. An added bonus? You may also burn more calories during exercise when you are menstruating compared to other times of the month.

7. It Gives A Reminder To Be More Eco-Conscious

Your menstrual cycle is a monthly opportunity to consider switching to more eco-friendly feminine care products such as plastic-free, organic tampons. Of course, the award for the most environmentally-friendly feminine care product goes to the menstrual cup. Along with eliminating monthly waste, menstrual cups are downright convenient compared to tampons and pads.

I have seen many women express initial hesitation when it came to switching to a menstrual cup, but once they tried it there was no turning back! No more waste, almost zero risk of leaks, convenience -- menstrual cups are awesome! And so much better for the planet, too.

8. It Can Improve Sex

Many people shy away from period sex for fear that it is messy. While this can be true, you may be surprised at how much fun it can be. The extra lubrication and glide can make it feel even better than usual.

If you are worried about making a mess, simply put a towel down first or, better yet, take sex to the tub or shower!


9. It Is A Natural Emotional Detox

Menstruation is a time of emotional and physical cleansing that helps release stress and tension from your body, allowing you space to rest and repair. Take advantage of this beautiful time by taking it easy on yourself, indulging in your favourite foods and activities, doing light workouts if you are up to it, and focusing on the power within.

Want To Learn More About Appreciating (And Maybe Even Enjoying!) Your Period?

If you honour yourself throughout your cycle and make a conscious, deliberate effort to practice self love, acceptance, and rest during your period, you may surprise yourself as to how enjoyable this time can be.

To learn more about self-acceptance, deep self-love, empowerment, and sexual freedom, please feel free to browse my blogs, reach out to me, or join my private Facebook group.

Wishing you wellness, joy, great sex, and self-love!

September 08, 2020 — Rosie Rees

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