The Hottest Tips For Experiencing An Anal Orgasm


An anal orgasm is just what it sounds like -- an orgasm that happens as a result of anal stimulation such as fingering, penetration, licking, touching, and anything else that feels good!

Curious how to have an anal orgasm? Read on to learn more about this lesser-known yet mindblowing orgasm and how to achieve one for yourself.


Who Can Have Anal Orgasms?

Do you have a butt? Do you like it touched? Then your butt is a potential pleasure zone!


Are Anal Orgasms the Same as Prostate Orgasms?

They may be, as certain cases of anal orgasms in males result from stimulating the prostate. You can also stimulate the P-spot by stimulating the perineum, the area between the anus and balls.

If you prefer direct touch, try stimulating the area about two inches inside the anus.


What Is the A-spot?

For females, stimulation of the A-spot in the vagina is an indirect way of stimulating the anus.

The A-spot is located deep inside the vagina, about 5 or 6 inches in. This area is packed with nerve endings that possess the ability to get you wet in record time.


What Does An Anal Orgasm Feel Like?

Anal orgasms feel like intense, mind-blowing waves of pleasure that start deep within your body before radiating throughout the rest of your body.


Does Anal Play Hurt?

It is normal to experience some minor discomfort the first couple of times you experiment with anal play, but you should never experience severe pain. Anal play is all about going slow, communicating if you are doing it with a partner, and using a lot of lube!


How To Get Started With Anal Play

Anal play requires some warm up time. Being as aroused and relaxed as possible is key, particularly if this is your first time trying out anal play.

Here are some tips for getting started with anal play and easing your way into it if you are the receiver: 

  • Do whatever turns you on -- watch some porn, listen to an erotic story, touch yourself, touch your partner, whatever gets you going!

  • Take a hot bath to help loosen any tight muscles, relax you, and increase blood flow down below. 

  • Sex toys specifically intended for anal play can help you ease into anal play by teasing yourself with the toy before inserting it. I especially love to recommend the Black Obsidian Butt Plug. This sleek, versatile, elegant butt plug is perfect for men or women. 

  • Get out the lube! No amount of lube is too much during anal. Along with the yummy slipe and slide it provides, it also serves as an important part of safe anal sex. 

  • If using a toy or butt plug for anal play, only use toys with flared bases so they cannot go too deep

  • Beginner receivers may wish to start with a smaller butt plug and eventually work up to larger sized butt plugs as desired.

To get started as the giver in anal play, you can prep with the following steps:

  • Groom your hands - keep nails short, clean, and filed

  • Wash your hands thoroughly (you can also wear latex gloves if desired)

  • Use a condom - Condoms can be used on anal toys, fingers, and penises

  • Condoms can also be cut open and used as an alternate dental dam to cut down on STIs and help ease any nerves about contact with the anus

  • Indulge in foreplay such as kissing, touching, and licking the area around the anus 


Anal Play Techniques To Try

As with any sexual activity, it takes experimentation to find exactly what you like and what moves are your favourite. Trying and playing around with different techniques, speeds, and moves is half the fun!

Here are some moves to play around with whether you are using your anal toys, penis, fingers, tongue, or a combination.


Using Your Tongue

While your tongue can't stimulate the A or P-spot directly, it can be an amazing way to give attention to the rest of the perianal area.

Trying using your tongue to tease the cheeks, slowly working your way between them. Once both you and the receiver are warmed up and ready, swirl your tongue around the anus briefly before darting it in and out of the opening.


Using Your Fingers

If you are using your fingers, there are a few different methods to try: 

  • The Come Hither - Using your lubed finger, slowly insert it into the anus and curl your finger upward in a "come hither" way. If desired, you can try increasing the depth, speed, or inserting a second finger. Upon finding the pace and depth that feels the best, continue the motion and keep the pleasure building.

  • The Doorbell - Externally or internally, use the pad of your finger as if ringing a doorbell on any spots that are especially pleasurable. Start off with light pressure before slowly working your way up to increased speed and pressure.

  • Simulated Vibration - If your wrist is feeling particularly strong and you have the stamina, you can speed up fast enough to simulation vibration. This can be a great technique to save for when you can tell your partner is close to the brink of orgasm.

  • Circling - Use the pad of your finger to rub the P or A-spot in a circular motion. Circle the area slowly and pick up the pace according to your partner's desires. Play around with speed and pressure to find the winning technique.


Using a Strap-on, Penis, or Sex Toy

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a sex toy, strap-on, or penis for anal play:

  • Pressure - Using more or less pressure is a great way to play around and find the magical motion that hits the spot.

  • Depth - As with varying pressure, playing around with depth can help you find the sweet spot. Take it gently and slow, making a point to check in with your partner frequently. 

  • Vibrations - Trying out different combinations or pulse settings on a vibrator can be a great way to take things over the edge.

  • Internal/external - Some toys offer both internal and external stimulation. For example, some vibrators can stimulate the clitoris or perineum while simultaneously offering penetration.


How To Add Other Stimulation To Anal Play

Anal play may be all about the butt, but don't forget about all your other hot spots that can be a lot of fun to include in the process!

Here are some fun combos to try:

  • Clitoral - Whether you are the giver or receiver, it can be fun -- and downright pleasurable -- to show your clit some love during anal stimulation. Use a toy, your hand, or fingers -- however feels best to you.

  • Vaginal - A toy or finger penetrating the vagina while the butt is the center of attention can be a sexy, mind-blowing combo.

  • Penile - For stimulating a penis during anal play, a hand job is a sexy go-to move, both for the giver and receiver.

  • Erogenous zones - So many areas of the body hold pleasure potential. Try using a toy or your hands to explore your body and linger on area areas that feel amazing. Prime pleasure spots to explore include the small of the back, the backs of the knees, the scrotum, breasts, the neck, and the inner thighs.


Anal Sex Positions To Try

Any standard sex position can be made anal-play-friendly. Here are some great examples:



  • By Yourself - Like facedown, reach your arm behind you, and rest it on your back. Reach your anus or perineum using your finger and tease or insert it -- whatever feels best! 

  • With a Partner - Like facedown with your legs slightly apart and arms down at your sides. Have your partner sit or lie down next to you and tease and gently massage your perineum and anus. 


On Your Side With One Leg To Your Chest

  • By Yourself - Lie on your side with your outer leg pulled up toward your chest. Reach your hand around to your butt, taking your time to stimulate and explored as desired. 

  • With a Partner - Lie on your side with your outer leg to your chest. Have your partner sit behind you and stimulate your anus, making sure to communicate your desires, comfort level, and needs clearly and honestly. 



  • By Yourself - Get on all fours and use your arm to reach between your legs to massage and stimulate your anus.

  • With a Partner - Get down on all fours with your partner kneeling behind you and ready to stimulate, penetrate, lick, and massage your perineum and anus. 



  • By Yourself - Prop your vibrator, dildo, or another penetrative toy on a flat surface or the seat of a chair. Once it is stabilised, straddle the chair or surface and gradually kneel to lower yourself down to meet the toy. Go gently and slowly, inserting the toy as far as feels comfortable to you.

  • With a Partner - Have your partner lie on their back. Straddle them (you can also have them hold a toy such as this one) and use your hands to steady yourself. Lower your butt slowly until penetration occurs. Go slowly and gently to find the depth that feels best. 


Important Considerations Before Anal Play

Before having fun with anal play, keep these tips and considerations in mind to keep yourself and your partner safe and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.


1. The Anus Is Not Self Lubricating

The anus is located at the end of the rectum, part of the digestive tract. The rectum is lined with a mucus membrane that contains mucus-secreting glands to protect the digestive tract.

Anal mucus sometimes gets secreted during anal stimulation or bowel movements, but the amount is minimal and not enough to assist with penetration.


2. Lube is Non-negotiable for Anal Play

The importance of lube during anal play cannot be stressed enough. Without lube, anal penetration can be painful and even dangerous.

Without enough lube, anal play puts individuals at risk of skin tears, sexually transmitted diseases, and other infections

While pregnancy is not necessarily a worry with anal play and penetration (although there is a small chance that any semen leaked near the vagina could make its way in), STI's are. The receiver is at a higher risk for contracting STIs. 

Small tears in the delicate tissue surrounding the anus increase the transmission of STIs such as:

  • Gonorrhea

  • Chlamydia

  • HIV

  • Human Paillomavirus (HPV)

Anal play can also expose you to bacteria such as Campylobacter, E. coli, and Shigella through contact with feces.

Without a condom, anal play also puts individuals at risk of: 

  • Intestinal amoebas

  • Parasites such as Giardia

  • Hepatitis A, B, and C

Along with always using adequate lube and a condom, never switch from the back to the front without cleaning up first and putting on a fresh condom.


Ready to Give Anal Play a Try?

Anal play can be a fun, exciting new aspect of sexual pleasure to experiment with. If you haven't had an anal orgasm before and are curious, it might be time to give it a try! Be prepared to go slow, proceed only as far as you are comfortable with, have fun, and enjoy yourself.

If you have questions about anal play -- or anything sex related! -- I welcome you to join my private Facebook group. This group is a dedicated space to discuss all-things-sex in a safe, private, non-judgmental way. 


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July 31, 2020 — Rosie Rees

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