Unless o-gasm is off the table because you’ve been diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy, masturbation is A-OK! In fact your o-gasmic potential may even be heightened during this time because of the increased blood flow to the pelvis, hormones and sensation-overload.

Here’s a few things to consider when self pleasuring during pregnancy:


Find a toy that works for you while you’re pregnant. This might mean investing in a new shape, size or material than you’re typically used to. Your vagina and pelvic region goes through a transformation during this time, so what worked for you in the past may not work for you while you’re pregnant. Ask your Yoni what she desires to explore during this sacred 9 months of gestation. Does your Yoni desire a stone or crystal? Glass? Textured or smooth? Thick or thin? Vibration or no vibration? Oil based lube or water based? Let her choose…[ Side note: Our organic Yinn Lubricants are 100% sperm and pregnancy safe.]



Generally penetrative sexs is 100% safe during pregnancy, thus penetration with a dildo is 100% safe, HOWEVER, it’s not recommended to over-stimulate or “de-armour” the cervix during this time. Yes, there is a miraculous mucus plug (God, don’t you just love that word!) that’s protecting the cervix and ensuring no bacteria travels into the uterus to the baby, yet it’s still important not to do any detailed dearmouring (a fancy word for cervical massage) around the cervix as it may impact the plug. Penis-in-vagina, strap-on-dildo-in-vagina or manual stimulation (AKA fingering) are totally fine during pregnancy - as long as it feels good and comfortable.

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Go softer and slower in your self pleasure practice. This is not because going hard and fast “will affect the baby” but moreso to help you deeply connect to your vaginal landscape and fully FEEL the sensations internally, which could assist with the childbirth process. Our founder @rosie.rees motto is “The slower you go, the more you feel!”


Ensure whatever you are using internally is super clean so as no unnecessary bacteria enters the body (also hot tip: get your partner to clean their fingers/penis before play time). We also recommend only using high-grade, high-quality toys (no cheap plastic toys full of petrochemicals). Remember whatever you put inside your vagina or anus absorbs any residue or chemicals. 

We recommend washing glass toys with boiling hot water, and our crystal wands or silicone toys in warm soapy water. Even better use our 100% natural sex toy cleaner spray or toy cleaning oil from Yoni Pleasure Palace! 


If you’re worried about your orgasm contractions hurting the baby, fear not! If anything it might lull them back to sleep and flood them with some happy serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine! What's good for the mumma is good for the bubba! 


We would love to hear your experience with pregnancy and self pleasure! Do you feel more libido or less during pregnancy? What was your experience with masturbation during pregnancy?

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Love Rosie 

Photos feature the Rose Curve pleasure wand with @kachouux by photographer @hi.renae. 


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December 29, 2022 — Rosie Rees

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