Have you ever criticised a certain part of your body? The shape of your thighs? Your hair? How your vulva looks (don't get me started)? The dimples on your thighs or butt?

I know how it feels! I have been down the road of self-loathing but I have found various tools for addressing these self-criticisms and transforming them into self-empowerment and self-acceptance.

Nude yoga was one of the most powerful tools in improving my body image and removing negative views of myself, but another tool I often recommend is body-positive journaling.

This practice has immense healing potential and I hope the following guide to body-positive journaling can help get you started on your journey to deep self-love and true self-acceptance.

How To Get Started With Body Positive Journaling

To get started, make a list that includes 100 things you like about yourself.

Yes. 100 things. You can do it.

It may take several days or maybe even a week. There may be tears involved. You may get frustrated, sad, angry, tired. But keep at it.

The 100 things do not all have to be body-related. Do you like the way you care for others? Your singing voice? How you tackle problems head on? How you laugh? Do you love the colour or shape of your eyes? Your height? Your hair colour? Are you proud of certain goals you have met?

Write down whatever positive attributes or accomplishments that come to mind.

Once you have your list of 100 things you like about yourself, it's time to ask yourself a question. Are there things you feel you need to change about yourself before you can love ALL of yourself, including the "imperfections" or "bad parts"?

If you feel you need to change certain things about your body before you are able to love yourself, it is time to figure out WHY that is

Where did this idea come from? Where did these pressures or expectations originate? And who decided labeled certain things 'imperfections' in the first place?

To answer this question, make a timeline of anything your body has been through. Take a few moments to realise everything your body has been through.

Next, make a gratitude list about your body that addresses everything your body has allowed you to do throughout your life.

For the next step, write a letter to yourself when you were younger. Tell your younger self what you have learned about confidence and body image. Tell her about everything you've accomplished.

Now, start paying more attention to how you move your body, how you feed yourself, how you nourish yourself, how you spend your time, how you feel.

Let everything out and be honest, authentic, and completely truthful. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

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December 16, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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