Yoni Massage Therapist Directory

Do you want to take your orgasms to the next level? Have you spent your entire life trying to reach orgasm but haven’t yet? Do you want to learn to completely love and accept your body as it is?

What Is Yoni Massage or Mapping Therapy?

Yoni massage or mapping therapy is a healing, powerful, tantric practice involving the whole body, breast, and (if boundaries permit) vaginal massage. It is a beautiful, healing and pleasurable way of sensually exploring and connecting with your body as well as receiving touch and connection from another person, without needing to give anything back in return.

What Are The Benefits of Yoni Massage or Mapping Therapy?

Yoni massage or mapping therapy offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Pleasure!
  • Feeling more comfortable in your skin
  • Creating positivity around sexual exploration
  • May help in dealing with emotional blockages from past sexual trauma
  • A way to connect with yourself without the pressure of having to ‘perform’ for someone

Who Is Yoni Massage And Mapping Therapy Best For?

Yoni massage and mapping therapy is a wonderful practice for anyone who:

  • Has never achieved an orgasm
  • Wants to connect with themselves
  • Wants to achieve multiple orgasms
  • Has suffered from sexual trauma in their past and wants to work toward healing
  • Wants to learn techniques that focus on honouring, worshipping, cherishing, and loving the yoni

Is An Orgasm The Goal of Yoni Massage or Mapping Therapy?

Yoni massage or mapping therapy can be extremely pleasurable, and arousing, and lead to orgasm (or even several). However, orgasm is more of a bonus to this practice, not the primary goal.

If you climax or have multiple orgasms, that is wonderful! But the foundation of Yoni massage is more emotional rather than sexual.

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Kiki Maree (she/her)

Director of the Yonilicious Academy of Sexuality & Certified Training Provider of the internationally accredited courses Therapeutic Yoni Massage & Somatic Sex Coaching. 

Stephanie Avis (she/her)

Helping people re-claim their innate aliveness through Devotion to the Body. Embark on this transformative journey to become a certified Devotional Tantric Bodyworker®.

The Institute of Somatic Sexology

World Leaders in quality somatic education, training Certified Sexological Bodyworkers since 2010.

The Fembodiment™ Institute 

Jenni Mears is globally revolutionising the concept of authentic female embodiment, holistic sex (r)education, and pelvic care.

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Featured Yoni Massage + Mapping Therapists and/or Sexological Bodyworkers!

Laura Elizabeth

Laura creates intimate experiences for conscious women and couples who are ready to step into a deeper layer of magic to embrace and embody their sensuality, reclaim their voices and own their power!


South Perth, WA

Melbourne, Victoria
- 30th November to 3rd December

Rosie Sing

Rose is a guardian of sacred women’s practices. She specialises in women’s sexual health and wellbeing practices. 

Touring: Perth, WA in June. Read her bio for further details

10% Discount for all bookings during May!

Tracey (Glorious You Project)

Tracey weaves her love of ritual and cycles into her work and believes that conditioning plays a huge role in how we embrace and share ourselves with the world.

Available The Entrance, NSW

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Alexandra Durigan RN BSN [USA]

Alexandra Durigan is a Women’s Specialty Registered Nurse, Women’s Pelvic Health Specialist, and Founder of ORIGIN Pelvic Care. From working in Western, allopathic care to the founding of her private practice, ORIGIN Pelvic Care, Alexandra is here to share the importance of pelvic care throughout the journey of womanhood so that women may live radiant lives led from the beauty of their well-nourished centers. In supporting thousands of women in her hands on practice for Sexuality and Pleasure, Reproductive Care and The Birth Continuum, Alexandra always shares, "there is so much more possible for our womanhood, in body, and life.

Erin (The Intimacy Artist) [USA]

Erin is supporting vulva-havers in cultivating a deeper understanding of their bodies, pleasure, creativity, and unique sexual expression to lead more fulfilling and heart-centered lives.

Can travel throughout North America upon request

Sara Silverstein [USA]

Focused on bringing vulva-havers back to their emotional bodies and pleasure with yoni mapping and nervous system regulation

Sara regularly travels throughout North America on request.

Femke van Gurp [EU]

Femke van Gurp, from Essence Pillar, works as a somatic coach, and sex and intimacy coach in her private practice, where she guides all people and couples towards a more embodied and pleasurable life.

Available The Nederlands, Belgium and Germany.

Claire Eccleston [NZ]

Supporting women to remember the power, pleasure and potency of their bodies through the realms of birth and sexuality. 

Chelsea Terry [AUS]

Chelsea is a Women's Wellness and Sexuality Coach and Educator. Chelsea offers Yoni Massage, Jade Egg practices and coaching sessions in The Fembodiment™ Method.

Brighid Rose [AUS]

Embrace the fullness of your exquisite human experience.

Sasha Hopkins [QLD, AUS]

Working with Sasha will allow you to dive deep within the layers of yourself and reach towards your edges, allowing you to reconnect with your body and stand in your power.

Sarah Chicalas [QLD, AUS]

Sarah is here to support you on this transformative path. Together, let’s uncover what ignites your soul and embrace the fullness of your being.

Jodanna Goddard [QLD, AU]

Jodanna (Jo) is dedicated to supporting women and couples establish deep loving connection within themselves & their union through the sacred work of sacral somatics, yoni massage & intuitive bodywork

Ela Długosz [VIC, AUS]

It is Ela's long-held dream to provide a bespoke well-being space for women with an aim to provide a safe restorative space to support women to become more empowered and reconnect with their bodies.

Artemis WS House [SA, AUS]

Reconnecting women to their bodies, to each other, and to the Earth. Guiding our re-memberence to reclaim our truth, our power and our sovereign selves.

Ruby Josif [WA, AU]

Ruby is passionate about providing her clients with a holistic, non-judgmental and open approach to sexual healing, cultivating erotic aliveness and conscious relating. It is through her integrated approach that she gently supports her clients to overcome sexual challenges, return home to the truth of their body, womb and pussy and come into connection with their authentic needs, desires and boundaries so they can feel empowered in their sexual authenticity and deepen their experience of sex, pleasure and relating.

Sara White [WA, AUS]

Sara has dedicated over 15 years to the field of sexual wellness, starting with an 8-year career in the adult industry before transitioning into her roles as an advocate, educator, and consultant.

Rose Sing [WA, AUS]

Rose is a guardian of sacred women’s practices. She specialises in women’s sexual health and wellbeing practices. 

10% off Yoni Massages during December. Read her bio for further details

Karlyn Digitalis [TAS, AU]

Specialising in trauma-sensitive Bodywork, Breathwork and Pleasure Education, Karlyn weaves together multiple modalities to offer a transformative therapeutic space for folks to heal and empower themselves. All her offerings focus on soothing the nervous system, integration of unresolved past events and empowering people to tap into their own healing capacity.

Freya Graf

Freya Graf is a Yoni Mapping Therapist and Holistic Sex Educator/Coach with a passion for dismantling shame, stigma and taboo.

She keeps it real, raw and relatable when it comes to talking about sex, relating and bodies, and is on a mission to educate, empower and normalise these important topics by having open and vulnerable conversations about them through her work with women, her online courses and on her hilarious podcast The Labia Lounge.

Liz Gorga

Liz Gorga is a somatic sexologist & therapeutic yoni massage practitioner whose mission is to guide women & womb-holders back home to their bodies - to reconnect with their pleasure & cyclic wisdom, to feel empowered in their sexuality & comfy in their own skin.

Aleena Aspley

Aleena Aspley, based in North Brisbane, has 20 years of working with people of all genders offering intimate, transformative and holistic bodywork.  She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Coach / Educator and NEO Tantra Professional. Aleena is the owner of Yoni Whisperer Bodywork and ChakraAssage Bodywork.  Aleena has been trained in Therapeutic Scar Tissue Remediation Massage and it is her passion, driving force and personal belief that pleasure, as a human right, acknowledges our innate human capacity for joy, happiness, and sexual fulfilment.

Rachael White

Rachael is a certified Somatic Sexologist, Yoni Mapping Practitioner and Tantric Arts facilitator. Specialising in women’s/vulva owners' pleasure and sexual empowerment and guiding couples into deeper, more meaningful intimacy. 

Carol Mikhael

Yoni Heart Massage with Carol is an invitation to reconnect, empower and reclaim all parts of yourself.

Alyssa Smith

Alyssa is a holistic health practitioner specialising in women’s health and well-being.

Hayley Fleming

Hayley is a highly experienced practitioner with the capacity to attune to the deeper subtleties of her clients helping them to access and utilise their unique medicine in a powerfully validating way.

Her energy is wholesome, earthed, integrated and naturally offers a safe space for healing & transformation.

Lola Richie

Lola is a highly respected Somatic Sexologist, Tantric Sex Coach, and Yoni Massage Therapist known for her expertise in guiding women on transformative journeys of sensual and sexual awakening, healing, self-discovery and life-changing pleasure. With her bubbly and warm energy, Lola creates a deeply safe and lush environment where you can explore your body, experience profound self-love and intimacy, and unlock the sacred power of your sexuality.

Nirvana Pilkington (they/them)

Re-defining Pleasure.  Creating safe spaces to expand pleasure through education, touch and movement.

Aunty-Priestess Vanessa [QLD}

Aunty-Priestess Vanessa is a skilled guide in the realms of tantric bodywork and domination, specializing in sapphic experiences for women. With over five years of experience in the field, Vanessa creates safe, transformative spaces for women to explore their sensuality, sexuality, and desires. Her sessions, blending expertise and empathy, are designed to foster deep connections, personal growth, and profound self-discovery. Vanessa's holistic approach ensures a nurturing environment where clients can fully embrace and express their authentic selves.

Service Location
Gold Coast QLD - Tweed Heads NSW