Boob Diversity T-shirt Merch

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Not only do breasts come in all shapes & sizes, they consistently change throughout a woman's life - from puberty to childbirth to menopause - our boobs & nipples are guaranteed to fluctuate.

We are conditioned by our society & the beauty industry to have the perfect large, round breasts with perfectly positioned nipples, similar to what you see in porn. This narrative is beyond damaging and causes so many women and vulva-owners to hate their breasts and thus want to change them by going under the knife. 

We believe the size, shape and colour of your breasts & nipples does not define your worth or beauty. In fact, our breasts are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance and learning how to embrace them can not only improve our body image but also our overall health of our breasts. 

Wear this cropped t-shirt march designed by Yoni Pleasure Palace founder Rosie Rees with pride to help educate and empower yourself and others to love their breasts! 


These tops are made with a 100% combed cotton (15% viscose). 


Measurement S M L XL
Body width (cm) 47.5 50 52.5 57.5
Body Length (cm) 44 45 46.5 48.5



Body width (inch) 18.7 19.6 20.6 22.6
Body Length (inch) 17.3 17.7 18.3 19
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