Slippery Coco


Originally created for people with sensitive skin, and allergies to conventional lubricants, Slippery Coco’s unique multi-use formula has now proven to be go-to favorite for our community of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

Distilled right here in Australia and made from 100% certified organic ingredients, our premium intimacy oil is pH neutral, hypoallergenic and paraben free, meaning it is vegan friendly and free from any chemicals that cause hormone disruptions. These amazing qualities make it perfect for use for;

  • People with sensitive skin allergies

  • Sensual massage

  • Self love and self discovery

  • Use with sexual products and toys

  • Sexual intercourse

  • maintaining pH balance downstairs

  • Nourishing and moisturizing skin

  • Improved skin elasticity in pregnancy; to prevent stretch marks and risk of perineal tearing when massaged into the skin

  • Reintroducing intimacy postpartum

  • People undergoing hormonal changes due to: cancer treatment, menopause, PCOS, endometriosis, breasfeeding.

Slippery Coco; the natural, health conscious way to improve your intimacy.


Organic Coconut and nut derivatives, C8 (Caprylic acid), C10 (Capric acid) and L12 (Lauric acid).
These are all nourishing compounds found naturally within coconuts and have been released with the extensive refining and filtration process that Slippery Coco goes through before it is bottled. Slippery Coco prides themselveson keeping as pure and additive free to keep the amazing hypoallergenic properties, so there are no added fragrances, flavours, colours or any nasties making it a perfect match for ALL skin types.

What's Included:

  • Slippery Coco - 60ml

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