Clay Womb Mask

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The Womb Clay Mask is a powerful healing tool crafted to support the health and wellness of the female reproductive system. The mask features a unique blend of organic rose, organic calendula, and organic comfrey leaf, along with food grade Australian bentonite clay. This all-natural, non-toxic mask promotes detoxification, soothes inflammation, and supports hormonal balance. 

The clay can be applied like a face mask but to your belly and womb area. This mask is also suitable for your face, breasts, any other area that may need some extra love. It's perfect for deepening your connection with your femininity, soothing your mind, and nourishing your body. This mask promotes relaxation and balance, helping women to unwind, tune in, and attune to the cycles within themselves.

***FREE ritual gift inside every tin***


In a small ceramic dish, mix 1/2 teaspoon of Womb Clay Mix with a few drops of spring water to form a spreadable paste.

Using your fingers or a makeup brush, paint on the clay, covering the womb area. Allow to dry. Use this time to relax, journal or meditate.

Wash off with warm water. Give thanks to the Plant and Earth Spirits.

Use 1-2 per week. Can be used with a heat pack to promote circulation and pain relief.

Approximately 10-20 masks per tin.

*External use only*

If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

If you are unsure if this product is for you, please consult your healthcare professional. Biophilia Apothecary does not claim to treat, cure, or diagnose and is based on traditional herbal medicine principles.



100% Certified Organic Herbs and Food Grade Australian Bentonite Clay, Rose Petal Powder, Calendula Petal Powder, Comfrey Leaf Powder

Calendula- Healing and soothing to the skin, Antimicrobial. Moves the lymph

Rose- Heart opening, tonifying, circulatory, calming and soothing the mind.

Comfrey- Wound healer, anti-inflammatory, soothing, connective tissue repair.

Bentonite Clay- Mineral rich, drawing action, removes toxins from the body


A poultice is a traditional healing remedy that involves applying a soft, moist substance - typically made from herbs, plants, or clay - directly to the skin to provide relief to aches, pains, and irritations.

Poultices are a simple yet effective way to provide localized relief to an area of the body. They're often used to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle, or joint pain, soothe a skin rash, or promote wound healing. They have a natural drawing action which is great for moving stagnant energy through and out of the body. These qualities make up the basis of our Womb Clay Mask.

Product by Biophilia Apothecary

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