Rosie here – the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace, Splash Blanket™, and Yinn Body.

I am so grateful for every single one of you. For the support and for trusting me and the rest of my team to be part of your journey. 

It’s so incredible to be able to give vulva owners (and now more folks) a safe space and the tools to explore their sexuality and their bodies so they can heal through the power of pleasure.

But how did I get here?

It all started with the yoni egg…

The day that changed everything

In 2013, I was living in Sydney, working as a corporate recruiter in finance. I was burnt out, in a toxic relationship, and disconnected from myself.

Something needed to change, so I ended the relationship, quit my job, and went to India for a yoga teacher training. While that set the ball in motion for my transformation, after that I went back to Australia, back to recruitment, and back to old patterns that were holding me back.

At this time I was already working as a part-time relationship coach, so I was starting on the path that I’m on now. What really shifted everything was when someone introduced me to Kundalini yoga.

So I once again quit my recruiter job and moved to Perth, where I am now. My Kundalini journey then took me to Bali, where I took my second yoga teacher training.

I went to a jade yoni egg workshop while I was in Ubud, Bali – and it was the most profound experience of my life up until that point. During the workshop, the facilitator had us gently guide our yoni eggs inside ourselves. 

When I first inserted the egg, I had this realization that this was the first time I had ever connected to my yoni in a non-sexual way. It was the first time I connected to her in a loving way where I was giving back to myself and not giving to or seeking pleasure from someone else.

It was so powerful to go through this sensual practice where I was not only able to connect with the jade egg but also with other women and every part of my being. 

Everything changed after that experience. Since that day I stopped having sex with people I didn’t want to have sex with, I went off hormonal birth control, and I didn’t touch a vibrator for eight whole years. 

I began a 30-day practice and during that time, I started having internal orgasms where waves of pleasure would completely encompass me during sex or intimacy. I started getting wetter when aroused and even started squirting! Hence the inspiration behind the Splash Blanket™.

I began to teach Kundalini in Perth and as you can imagine…I was raving about my jade egg practice! My excitement about it was so infectious, that my students wanted to know about the tool that changed everything for me.

The real transformation

It wasn’t just my sex life that changed, everything else did too. I was able to easily express my needs, desires, and boundaries – in and outside of the bedroom.

I began to feel more creative and had all these ideas come to me that have turned into the thriving businesses I have today. Not only were my creative juices flowing, but I also had the courage to listen to my intuition and take action. 

Something had switched on inside my womb (and the rest of me), and despite having drained the last of my savings from my corporate career, I felt more abundant and connected to myself than ever before.

I knew I needed to dive head first into this business. Now years later I have a 7-figure business with over 20 employees from all over the world and I’m just as in love with my work, my partner, and myself as ever before.


I want to share this practice with you

The yoni egg is the reason I found my calling and my power. I believe that anyone can experience this amount of pleasure, and with that, the ability to reclaim their power and fully express themselves.

While a yoni egg practice can bring a lot of emotions to the surface, it also gently and lovingly forces you to literally go within. This practice gives you the space to connect with your womb space. The more connected you are to your yoni, the deeper your connection with yourself will be and the more expansive your life will feel.

One of the most transformative aspects of a yoni egg practice is the healing properties of the crystals themselves, these are some of my favorites to work with:

  • Nephrite jade: Is associated with abundance and good fortune while promoting compassion and generosity.  
  • Brazilian clear quartz: This stone is known as the “master healer” and may help balance the nervous system so you can connect more deeply with your mind, body, and soul
  • Red carnelian: Known as the “womb stone” thanks to its ability to help women connect more deeply with their cycle, their womb space, and heal from trauma. It also helps to awaken sexual energy, libido, and passion. 

Any of these stones or one of the other yoni eggs we carry are a great place to start. Just pick whichever one you feel the most drawn to! I want to share this practice with anyone who wants to learn. It has changed my life in the most profound way and I truly believe that it can do the same for you.

With love,


The Golden Yoni Membership, led by Rosie Rees, offers immediate access to fourteen enriching modules, inclusive of a bonus Yoni Egg Initiations module. Enjoy different 6-day live Yoni Egg Immersion, guided tutorials, meditations, and connect with a community in a dedicated members-only Facebook group, all at your own pace and without contractual obligations. The program spans various topics, including Yoni Egg Yoga through the 7 Chakras, creating a safe space for sexuality exploration, and understanding the connection between sex, money, and business. Rosie continuously adds new content weekly to ensure a dynamic learning experience. Guest experts contribute to the diverse range of teachings, making this membership a holistic platform for those seeking to reconnect with their Yoni, heal from past traumas, and unlock new levels of pleasure and empowerment.

July 03, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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