The incredible thing about many of the sex toys we design and stock at YPP is that they can last forever! Yes, dildos made of glass, stone, crystal and stainless steel can and will last you a lifetime, when cared for correctly. The only circumstance where they won't last a lifetime is if they are dropped or broken, which deems them unusable and unsafe (please never attempt to super glue them back together!).

However, when it comes to silicone, plastic, jelly or rubber, chances are they won't last a lifetime. A good way to know is it feel the texture and give the dildo the "sniff test". If it smells bad, chances are it's gone bad.

Either way, whether it’s from wear and tear or your sex toy just don’t suit you anymore, at a certain point you may want to say so long and farewell to your precious toys. But think again before you just toss them in the trash! After all they’ve done for you, your toys deserve a better ending than that. Not to mention, in many places, there is legislation on how to properly dispose of them.

Keep in mind that although we’re based in Australia, we know our audience is global, and requirements may change between different countries and regions.

All that to say, we rounded up the top advice on how to properly dispose of your sex toys!

Determine if they’re “e-waste”

If you’re a fan of vibrators – listen up! Vibrators, and any other battery-operated device, are considered “e-waste” when thrown away.

In Australia, The United States, The UK, and many other countries, you can’t legally throw away battery-operated devices into the rubbish bin. Even if your area doesn’t strictly prohibit it, it’s still incredibly harmful to the environment – so it’s important to dispose of your electronic toys mindfully. 

Research your area’s policies and see if they have e-waste drop-off centers or a collection service that can pick devices up from your house.

Disposing of glass and crystal toys

Glass and crystal toys aren’t e-waste but they can potentially hurt someone if handled when broken. Again look into your area’s policies on disposing of these materials. 

That may include properly packaging up toys before disposing of them or taking them to a recycling centre. 

Because crystal toys are made from precious materials, both physically and energetically, you can also choose to have a ceremony where you bury or repurpose the crystal toys you’re no longer using. This is a way to give reverence and gratitude to the stone after you’re done with its initial purpose. 

All of our glass wands are borosilicate glass which can **NOT** be recycled.

Borosilicate glass can withstand a working temperature of 268°C/515°F and only melts at 1648°C/3,000°F. This makes it tricky to recycle at normal glass recycling furnaces, as their temperatures cannot melt the borosilicate.
Remember not to throw them in your curbside recycling bin because that will contaminate the batch of glass ready for recycling.

Can you bury YPP glass wands and items?

Whilst our glass wands and items are completely non-toxic the decomposition rate of glass is none. There are no microorganisms on planet Earth that are able to break down glass materials (especially borosilicate glass), and since it takes thousands of years, there is not a single glass bottle on the planet that has even gotten close to decomposing.

Sell your used sex toys

The thought of selling your used sex toys may seem, well awkward – but we’re all for reduce, reuse, and recycle around here.

Any time you sell a used sex toy (or buy one) it will be properly cleaned and sanitized, practically like new. Many companies around the world are offering trade-in programs or ways to sell online. 

Many people in the Yoni Pleasure Palace community sell toys through our private Facebook Group. This is a great way to save money and the environment!

Prolonging the life of your sex toys

You’ve likely noticed that not all sex toys are created equal and one of the best ways you can help prolong the life of yours is by buying top-quality toys in the first place.

We’re big fans of lube around here, that being said you need to make sure that whatever lube you’re using is compatible with your toys. If you use silicone toys, you need to use a water-based lubricant (like this one from Yinn). Glass and crystal toys are fine to use with an oil or water-based lube. 

You can help prolong the life of your toys by properly caring for and cleaning your sex toys. You should not outright boil sex toys, as it could break battery-operated, glass, and crystal toys – but you can use boiling water to quickly clean them along with a cleanser spray in between uses. Although our glass and crystal toys are made from top-quality materials, you still should be cautious when handling them as they can break when dropped!

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July 09, 2024 — Natasha Weiss

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