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Corsets, garters, brassieres, slips, petticoats, girdles, drawers and even open-crotch panties have been a thing since the 1600s, however it wasn't until the mid 1900s that they became a fashionable under-garment. 

You can thank your lucky clitoris, Lady Duff-Gordon - who worked under the professional name of Lucile - for developing lingerie that freed women from corsets! She was the first Britain-based designer to train professional models, introduce "slit skirts", low plunging necklines and less restrictive corsets (thank goodness) and promote sexy lingerie as an underwear essential. What a trailblazer!

So for the love of sexy lingerie (and in applause of bold-ass babes like Lady Duff for pioneering this movement when it was so taboo) we now celebrate National Lingerie Day.

SIDE NOTE: In the U.S. National Lingerie Day is celebrated on the 25th April each year, however down under that day is known as ANZAC Day, which is a day that commemorates and honours servicemen and women from Australia and New Zealand who served in war. So, in honour of this special day, we decided to celebrate Lingerie Day for the week instead, excluding the 25th April. 

Yoni Pleasure Palace Lingerie Day

Ok lets dive into the different ways we can feel more confident and sexy in lingerie and incorporate lingerie into our daily life:

1. Invest In A High-Quality Set

Feeling sexy in underwear starts with wearing something that feels good on your skin and compliments your shape. There is a palpable frisky feeling you get when you invest in something luxurious, beautiful & expensive, like lingerie. No, it may not be practical, but it gives you that gentle buzz deep in your pussy. That sensual feeling of silky fabric on your labia lips and intricate lace cupping over your breasts *SWOON*

Our tip? Find a brand and design that resonates with you, whether it's Victoria Secret, Bras N' Things, Honey Birdette or Agent Provocateur and buy it shamelessly! Make sure you buy something that fits you perfectly and that accentuates your curves and compliments your skin tone. For example, I won't buy underwire bras and I prefer high-waist. 

2. Don't Wait For A Special Occasion 

Start to wear your sexy lingerie at home when you're doing mundane activities like cooking or cleaning. Doing this can help you embody your sensuality and femininity without it needing to be a "sexual thing".

Our tip? Need to vacuum the house? Put on your sexiest set of lingerie and blast your favourite RnB hits (we recommend this playlist "Sensual Fruit Eating" by founder, Rosie Rees) and dance around the house while you tick off your chore list. Going out to a cafe with friends? Wear some fishnets and a sexy bra. People don't need to necessarily know you're wearing it but YOU do, and that's all that matters. 

3. Self Pleasure In Your Lingerie

Just like you would enjoy a lover putting in effort to sweep you off your feet before lovemaking, you can implement this foreplay for yourself. Light some candles, have a salt bath, put on your best lingerie set, dance in front of the mirror and touch you body with affection, love and passion. If it feels right to (because not all self pleasure is about the goal of an orgasm) masturbate with your chosen toy.

Our tip? Pair your lingerie with a pleasure wand for crystal healing. We highly recommend starting with the Rose Curve for ultimate self-romance. If you need any help dropping into this sensual state, check out our friend Amber Leitz's podcast

4. Put Yourself First, Queen! 

Confident people who value themselves create time for self-care, and self care is directly linked to self esteem, which contributes heavily to wellbeing and healthy mindset, particularly around body image. If you put everyone else's needs before your own (hello self-sacrificing mammas), chances are you don't make enough time to wear your lingerie, fuck yourself or your partner.

Our tip? Carve out an hour a day just for YOU. The more your cup is full, the more you have to give...especially sexually in the bedroom in your sexy threads. Lingerie is for you, no one else.

5. Sexiness Is Not A Size, It's About How You Inhabit Your Body

Authentically confident people have sex appeal. I know it sounds cliche but sexiness has nothing to do with size - it's an energy that emanates from someone's auric field. You can be stereotypically the "sexiest" person in the room (according to bullshit unrealistic beauty standards) but if you don't believe that you're beautiful inside and out, that energy is radiated.

True beauty comes from within and isn't about an inner thigh gap, big boobs or the perfect lips. I've had many models come to my Nude Yoga workshops who share that they are not confident and don't feel sexy, which means confidence and sexiness has nothing to do with the way someone looks - it's how they feel about themselves. 

Going from a size 6-8 to a size 12-14 in COVID, I had to pull out the self love/body image tools I'd learnt over the years. I realised that I can feel sexy at any size. From this experience I started the #stopsuckingitin movement on @rosie.rees, which gives folks permission to a) stop sucking in their belly and b) accept their tummies just how they are. Our tip: Try stopping sucking in your belly for a day and see how it feels. Notice how much better you can breathe and how more relaxed your pussy feels. Share a photo of you in lingerie not sucking it in and embrace your body just the way it is! 

6. Fake It Til You Make It

This is the only thing I will ever tell you to fake! (If you're faking orgasms in your relationship RN, now is the time to STOP!) The more you strut around the house feeling yourself in your sexy lingerie, the more you will start to feel it. Repetitive practices help to instil new habits. If you want to start something new (for example knitting), you have to practice it over and over again, right? The same goes with sexiness and authentic confidence. Confidence is a state-of-mind, which is great news because you can change and adapt your mind to believe whatever you want to believe thanks to neuro-plasticity! 

Out tip? If you struggle to tap into this essence of sexual confidence, bring to mind someone you know who embodies it. It's ok to borrow some confidence from someone else. Follow the likes of Ashley Graham, Lizzo, Alexlight_ldn and many more.

Yoni Pleasure Palace Lingerie Day

Lingerie has a way of making you feel like Queen B. It reminds you of your inner confidence and sexiness. So now your homework is to WEAR IT and tag us in your pics so we can reshare your story or post! Tag us here: @yoni_pleasure_palace and use the hashtag #nationallingerieday and #celebrateyoursexy  

Love Rosie x

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April 27, 2022 — Rosie Rees

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