About Yoni Pleasure Palace

Yoni Pleasure Palace is the world’s leading online retailer of crystal pleasure wands, yoni eggs, waterproof sex blankets and feminine wellness products.

Our mission is to educate our customers, innovate new products and inspire folks to slow down their self pleasure practice & prioritise their pelvic floor.

Each glass and crystal product is GIA certified, 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic, compatible with all lubricants, temperature responsive and free from any petrochemicals, plastics or resins.

Yoni Pleasure Palace prides itself on ethical production practices, maintaining an aligned relationship and vision with a gold star supplier of almost 10 years in the industry.

About the Founder

Rosie Rees is one of Australia’s leading sexual wellness entrepreneurs. As the owner of multimillion dollar companies Yoni Pleasure Palace™, Splash Blanket™, Naked Awakening™ and Rose Kegel Weights™, she knows what it means to start a successful business and create a thriving community.

After ditching the vibrator in the quest to feel more pleasure (ironic huh?), she uncovered the key to becoming multi-orgasmic…by slowing down self pleasure! After this ground-breaking realisation, Rosie went to work on designing and sourcing non-vibrating sex toys made of the highest quality crystal, stone, annealed glass, wood, ceramic and stainless steel. Birthed from this slow self-pleasure revolution are best selling products such as Splash Blanket™, Sacred Squirter™ & the Cervix Serpent™, which have gone on to make many vagina-owners happy!

Rosie is also a modern-day naturist and the creator of well known movement Naked Awakening™ - a four hour transformatonal Women's Nude Yoga workshop, which has helped thousands of women across the world become liberated, empowered and free from body image issues.

For more about Rosie, head to www.rosierees.com and follow her on instagram @rosie.rees