We've all heard of ways to have a better orgasm, but have you ever heard of edging? This technique, although decades old, is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in bringing about absolutely mind-blowing, over-the-top orgasms. Better yet, it is easy to learn, free, and a great way to develop a deep understanding of your body.

What Is Edging?

Edging -- also known as peaking, teasing, surfing, and other names -- is the practice of deliberately stopping yourself from reaching the point of orgasm just as you are on the edge of having one. Then, you take a short break before bringing yourself to the point just before orgasm again (and again, if you want) until you are ready to surrender to the intense pleasure that you have been allowing to build.

How Edging Can Help Increase Your Pleasure and Self-Awareness

Edging is a fantastic way to learn about your body and exactly what turns you on. As you learn more about your body through experimentation with edging, you will become increasingly in-tune with when to stop and start stimulation.

Part of this knowledge comes from discovering the four stages of arousal:

1. Excitement - The excitement stage involves increased blood flow to the clitoris and vagina, flushed skin, tense muscles, and a faster heartbeat.

2. Plateau - In this stage, everything from stage one intensifies and you can feel yourself approaching orgasm. This is the stage where you should get ready to stop or slow down stimulation.

3. Orgasm - A series of muscle and nerve responses occur, leading to increased vaginal lubrication and intense feelings of pleasure. When practicing edging, this is the stage to prolong until you are ready.

4. Resolution - Following orgasm, vitals normalize and tissues return to their normal, pre-aroused state.

Of course, each of these particular stages is unique from woman to woman, but you will learn exactly how each stage feels for you as you practice edging more.

How To Start Edging At Home

If you want to try edging, begin by focusing on exactly what you experience in stage two (plateau), right before stage three (orgasm). It comes down to listening to your body and closely recognising how you are feeling. It will likely take some trial and error, so get ready to have some fun!

Here is a guide to getting started with edging:

Set Yourself Up For Pleasure With the Right Environment - Lock the doors, put on your favourite music or white noise (or keep the background silent so you can completely focus on your breath), and set up your space in a way that relaxes you and gets you primed for pleasure. 



Get Physical - Next it's time to start touching yourself (using your fingers or your favourite toy) or letting your partner touch you. If with a partner, be vocal about how you like to be touched (how fast or slow, what kind of pressure and motion) and be sure to be clear on when your partner should back off or slow down as you approach orgasm.

When you feel like you are close to the edge, take a few moments to slow down your movements or stop stimulation entirely.

Start touching yourself again or having your partner touch you and repeat this series again another time or two (or three!) until you decide it is time to let yourself go and orgasm.

You may notice your orgasm feels more powerful or lasts longer. Tune in to your body and see if edging makes a difference in your orgasm or the entire experience. Did you feel more in touch with your body? Did you feel closer to your partner? Was it one of your best orgasms ever?

Maybe your answer to these questions will be yes. And it could also be no. Either way, be proud of yourself for trying something new, exploring your body, and giving yourself a chance to try.

Are There Benefits to Edging?

Along with the potential for intensified pleasure, edging may offer several other benefits such as: 

  • Helping Women Achieve Orgasms More Readily - A study completed in 2014 of almost 100 women found that the women who masturbated were more likely to reach orgasm. This may be because women who have spent time touching and getting to know their turn-ons and getting comfortable with themselves know exactly what contributes to a fulfilling sexual experience. It also helps ease the anxiety that some women feel around pleasuring or touching themselves.

  • Amp Up Body-Confidence - A 2006 study of nearly 2,000 women found that up to three-quarters of them reported female sexual dysfunctions. Unfortunately, the women felt too uncomfortable to discuss these concerns with their doctor and lacked confidence that their doctor had any willingness to discuss sex or knowledge surrounding it. 
    Increasing your awareness of and the connection to your body can help ease these feelings of concern and make it easier to be open and honest with your doctor should any issues arise. 

  • Increasing Connection - Edging can help increase the connection between yourself and your partner by removing the focus of just penetration and allowing new ways to explore pleasure. Your partner can even try edging too!

How Do I Know When to Stop Edging and Let Myself Orgasm?

This is entirely up to you. If you want to stop yourself once and then build your way back up to orgasm, great! If you want to start and stop several times before letting go, wonderful!

Be mindful of delaying to the point of a disappearing orgasm (where your body does not experience the full-on effect). Other than that, go for it and have fun!

One way to start is by simply masturbating by yourself or with a partner and paying attention to the phases you experience. Next time, stop yourself only once and proceed to orgasm once you build back up. You can increase the number of times you start and stop each time you try edging and pay attention to any points where you feel your pleasure starts to back off.

Most of all, avoid getting frustrated, rushing things, or pressuring yourself. Whether you are trying edging, trying to make yourself squirt, or are trying to experience your first orgasm, be gentle and accepting of your journey.

Does Edging Sound Fun To You?

Have you ever tried edging before? If you haven't, are you going to give it a go? Of course, some women will absolutely love it and others will give it a go and decide to move on. Whether you love it, despise it, or don't want to try it at all - that is okay!

It all comes down to what you are interested in trying and what sounds fun to you. It may seem challenging at first to stand on the edge and back off, but it can also be exhilarating -- especially when you finally let yourself go over the edge!


If you would like to learn more about edging, masturbation, body acceptance, the different types of orgasms, and basically every sex topic under the sun, feel free to check out my blogs or get in touch with me. You can also join my private Facebook group where no question is off-limits!

I'm so proud of you for continuing to learn about yourself, increasing your self-awareness, working toward full-body acceptance, and continuing to claim your sexual power! 



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June 09, 2020 — Rosie Rees

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