The Healing Yoni Massage That Will Bring Your Sex Life and Body Confidence to a New Level

Did you know that sexual tension and trauma can translate into a vagina that is tense, unhappy, energetically closed, sensitive or numb, and craving healing? If you think your yoni is in need of some love and attention, it might be time to spoil your vagina with some one-on-one attention through the ancient practice of vaginal de-armouring.

What Is ‘Yoni De-Armouring’ and How Does It Work?


To understand de-armouring, it is important to first understand the meaning behind the word 'yoni'. In Sanskrit, yoni means 'sacred temple'. I want you to remember this term and make it a practice to view your vagina this way whether you are having sex, masturbating, practicing de-armouring, wearing your yoni egg, or just going about your daily business.

In Tantra, the yoni is believed to be the most receptive part of a woman's body that is capable of holding massive amounts of energy, including traumatic or stressful experiences. This stuck energy can result in a yoni that is tense, sensitive, numb, closed off, and needing some love.

De-armouring through a yoni massage can help women re-connect with their sexuality, clear their yoni of negative energy, release pelvic tension, and open up to a huge increase in pleasure potential and confidence.

Why Is Vaginal De-Armouring Important?

While it excites me to think of how far we have come as empowered women, there are still some areas that need a major overhaul. One of the biggest areas I'd like to see change in a positive way for women is sex. Many women are still feeling less than satisfied with sex and feeling like they aren't truly getting what they need.

Ladies, let's make sure we are getting exactly what we want and need!

One of the best ways to ensure this is through vaginal de-armouring. This beautiful, gentle, age-old practice involves connecting with yourself and your yoni in a way that will absolutely expand your sex life, improve your sexual confidence, and help you reclaim the sacred power of your yoni.

How Do You Know If Your Yoni Is Holding Tension or Trauma?


The symptoms of a tense, armoured yoni are vast and can vary greatly from woman to woman. The most obvious signs manifest as:

  • A numb feeling around the vagina and vulva

  • Pain during intimacy or intercourse

  • Lack of libido

  • The inability to communicate your truth and confidently express your boundaries and needs

  • PMS symptoms

  • Feeling energetically closed off

Due to the cultural conditioning involving feelings of shame, fear, or guilt surrounding sex, most women have at least some degree of vaginal armouring that may be affecting their orgasmic potential in a negative way. This is why I believe all women can benefit from this beautiful, healing practice.

What Are the Benefits of Vaginal De-Armouring?

Some of the benefits I have seen women report from vaginal de-armouring include:

  • Feeling more safe and achored in your body

  • A deepened relationship and understanding of your body

  • An increased ability to listen to your inner wisdom

  • Letting go of pain or heaviness

  • Decreased sensitivity or numbness

  • An increase in self confidence and self assuredness

  • Increased libido

  • Ability to confidently speak your truth, both in life and in the bedroom

  • A reconnection to your sexuality

  • Reduced tension

  • Increase in pleasure potential

How To Perform Vaginal De-Armouring / Yoni Massage For a Happier, Healthier Yoni

Here, we'll focus on solo de-armouring, but it can also be performed with a trusted partner.

For solo yoni massage, you will need a dildo, since it is doubtful you will be able to reach your cervix with just your fingers while also staying relaxed. While often viewed as pleasure tools, dildos are also ideal for facilitating healing through yoni massage.

For solo yoni massage, I highly recommend our Cervix Serpent Glass Pleasure Wand as it is doubtful you will reach your cervix with just your fingers. This glass dildo is sleek, elegant, and purposely designed with a bulbous head for de-armouring the cervix.

Here are some tips to remember when getting started with solo yoni massage:

  • Listen closely to your body and respect any cues you receive from it

  • Eliminate expectations or judgement

  • Take your time

  • Give yourself complete permission to express any emotions that arise (grief, tears, rage, laughter, anger)

  • Focus on the goal of releasing stored emotion, energy, trauma, or tightness (the goal right now is not to have an orgasm)

  • Do not overthink the process

  • Trust yourself

  • Hold nothing back

Steps For Performing Solo Yoni Massage


1. Make Sure You Are Completely Turned On

Before you enter your vagina, make sure you are 100% arouse and relaxed. This can be achieved through clitoral stimulation and/or breast massage. It's also important to set up a safe, calm, relaxing atmosphere for yourself to enjoy your yoni massage.

This step in itself is healing and helps you relcaim the power of consent and choice. It also increases the level of trust and connection with your yoni, an incredibly powerful feeling.

So always be sure for yoni massage — or any other sexual activity — that your body is fully ready beforehand.

2. Insert Your Stone Dildo

Once your body gives you permission to enter your yoni, gently take your Cervix Serpent, add some organic lube, and slide it into your vagina.

Use your dildo to gently search and explore for any areas of numbness, pain, or tension. Common areas that hold tension include:

  • Deep within the vagina

  • The G-spot

  • The cervix

Once you locate a spot that feels like it needs some extra focus, hold the dildo there for a few deep breaths before slowly adding further pressure.

Essentially, you are pushing into the numbness or pain rather than avoiding it.

3. Express the Sensations Through Sound

Perhaps one of the most powerful, healing, transformative steps is using sound to express whatever you are feeling. Whether it is sadness, anger, grief, etc. let it all out until the feelings subside. This may manifest as:

  • Crying

  • Screaming

  • Laughing

  • Grunting

  • Moaning

  • Growling

  • Anything!

4. Listen To What Your Body Needs Next

Once you feel you have fully released and expressed a certain area (this generally takes about a minute), gently remove the pressure and ask your body what it needs next. Whatever your body needs, honour it.

Some things your body may ask you for:

  • A cuddle session with your partner or yourself

  • A nap

  • Sitting back and watching a movie

  • Listening to music

  • Time in nature

  • Journaling

  • Further exploration and releasing

If you do want to continue exploring and massaging, locate another area of pain or discomfort and apply pressure within your vagina. You are welcome to take several sessions to de-armour your vagina or do it all in one session.

After practising de-armouring, you can expect to experience new sensations and areas of pleasure that may arise from your G-spot or cervix.

5. Give Yourself Some Love

Through this entire experience, the most important thing to focus on is loving and accepting yourself completely. Zero judgment allowed. Now is the time for deep self-awareness, self-acceptance, and allowing your body to feel safe and open to healing.

Want to Learn More About Vaginal De-Armouring?

For a more in-depth exploration of self-love, self-pleasure techniques, and more ways to help heal your yoni and increase your pleasure potential, feel free to browse my collection of blogs. You are also invited to join my private Facebook group, a 100% safe, private space dedicated to answering questions about masturbation, menstruation, sex -- anything goes!



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June 26, 2020 — Brad Russell

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