Don’t you think its time we started talking about some of the more taboo subjects? You know, the unspoken stuff that doesn’t get anywhere near enough air-time… Like Vaginal Health Conditions, there are many, AND they affect many of us at some stage in our lives, so lets go there!

Let’s talk Bacterial Vaginosis.

First things first, what is BV? Well, simply put - It’s is a type of vaginal inflammation caused by an overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina. Usually good bacteria out-number the bad and everyone lives happily ever after, *however* when the balance is tipped it upsets the harmony and PH of our vagina and can range from little to no symptoms, “feeling off” or not quite right in our yoni, through to discomfort, discharge, super strong change in odor, itching and even a burning sensation during urination.

 How does BV occur? Can you transmit it? What causes it?

There aren’t exactly a specific set of “causes,” it is worth noting though, that BV isn’t something you can transmit, in fact you can have BV without being sexually active, yet it is sometimes linked with unprotected sex or having a new sexual partner – and therefore, naturally, new bacteria or a disturbance (even if it’s a sexy one) impacts the balance in your yoni. 

 Have you heard of Yoni Intelligence?

Our body is always communicating with us, our yoni’s have an intelligence of their own and so it’s powerful to tap into your body wisdom. Louise Hay shares that on an energetic level, BV can be linked to anger at a partner or lover, as well as sexual shame or guilt. Our founder @Rosie.rees wholeheartedly concurs, in fact she has a strong theory around BV being a defence response, often with BV your yoni can REALLY smell “stink bomb” style as she describes it, in a bid to fend off predators and create safety and space for you. Rosie shares in her experience that BV is deeply connected to a partner being emotionally unavailable, or a sign that perhaps you are not feeling enough emotional safety with your lover / partner. Check in and feel into if this is true for you!


What to do if you think you may have BV… 

If you think you may be experiencing BV it is definitely worth visiting your healthcare professional, it’s a simple sample sent off for testing and often a strong course of antibiotics. 

To compliment medical treatment and ease symptoms, we also recommend yoni steaming, our yoni pearls and also our Secret Ceres Herbal Stick – SO worth reading up on this ancient healing tool. Head to to check out our holistic options for supporting your yoni health! 


What has been your understanding, misconceptions or perhaps even your own experience of BV? Let’s together bring more awareness and conversation to the world of sexual health.




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September 07, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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