Do you allow yourself to be turned on by you?

Do you give yourself permission to receive sensual pleasure from yourself?

Can you make love to yourself?

Are you able to muse yourself and witness the artistic sexual genius that is created?

Or . . .

Do you seek something outside of you to inspire you?

Do you expect someone else to bring you to orgasm?

Do you need someone or something external to arouse you?

The other day when I was self pleasuring using my rose quartz wand, I found myself undulating on the floor, breathing hypnotically, moaning in ecstasy and completely dissolved in a time warp (for maybe an hour).

After I emerged from my solo sacred union, I thought to myself: ‘Wow, I really turned myself on then!’.

Without a vibrator on my clit.

Without a mirror.

Without porn.

Without even a fantasy!

Simply though my own breath, sound, movement and the hedonistic, guilt-free ability to receive and give pleasure to...ME!

I was my very own muse.



Defined, a muse is “a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist”.


The beauty in this sweet exchange, aka Self Pleasure, is that you are both the artist and the muse.

The director and the actor.

The creator and the observer.

The dominant and the sub.

The giver and the receiver.

After an hour of relishing in my own sexual creative juices, I felt incredibly full to the brim of my own love.

I felt calmer, lighter, freer, more creative …

The same feeling I might get after a healing session, a massage, Tantric bodywork, a Kundalini yoga class.

I never experienced this masturbating whilst using a vibrating rabbit I got from an adult shop.

I never experienced this masturbating whilst watching porn.

I never experienced this masturbating whilst fantasising about someone else turning me on.

If anything I felt a little dirty.

A bad taste left in my mouth.

A sense of ickiness.


Rather, this recent experience felt sweet, deep, enlivening and enriching for the soul.

Like wholesome food for my Sacral Chakra; our reservoir of life-creating power. 

A regular self pleasure practice (at least once a week) using a high vibration crystal pleasure wand, helps to:

+ Unlock stuck energy in your Sacral Chakra.

+ Harvests ideas.

+ Cultivates inspiration.

+ Unlocks creativity & hidden gifts.

+ Awakens the inner artist.

+ Creates life, where there wasn't (like the words on this page that wouldn't be here had I not had that experience).

+ Releases stagnant energy that is dulling your sexual essence and robbing you of feeling more sensation inside the Yoni.

+ Clears out the energetic imprint of old, past lovers that no longer belong in the space.


The ‘art’ that you create during your self pleasure practice is different every time you do it.

You might sob.

You might squirt.

You might orgasm.

You might not.

You might convulse.

You might sing.

It’s all beautiful, unique, art.

So this is your chance to be your own muse rather than needing an external one.

And remember this: it doesn't have to look pretty.


Try this beautiful process the next time you go to self pleasure:

  • Release any self-judgement on how it's mean to 'look'

  • Let go of the goal to have a full-body, cervical, A spot, squirting G spot, nipple spot, K spot, P spot life changing orgasm!

  • Welcome whatever expression that comes forth - tears, laughter etc.

  • Create a nest - an inviting creative space to spread out your ‘paints and brushes'

  • Allow yourself to turn yourself on!

  • Invest in a crystal pleasure wand (I started with Rose Quartz as it helps me amplify self love) and try using this internally as a way of gently revitalising sensations and sensitivity whilst setting an intention to clear your Sacral Chakra of any unwanted, old, stagnant energy

  • Use a beautiful coconut oil based lubricant like Yoni Elixir to anoint your yoni and breasts

  • Slow down the process and bring attention to your breath. Get into a hypnotic trance and go even slower...

  • Release attachment to fantasy - stay present - and just imagine if you had to ask that person permission/consent first to think about them whilst you self pleasure. Would that change anything?

  • Tune into the sensation and see if you can simply focus on that, whether it's pleasure or pain, breathe through it to let it go.

  • If you do orgasm, at the point of climax send the energy up to your heart and then spread it all around your body like smudging paint on a blank canvas!

Enjoy the journey sister and comment below any questions & comments.

Love Rosie x




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March 19, 2018 — Rosie Rees

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