How to Make Your Period Pain-Free and Magical


Your period can be magical. Yes, I said it.

Your period is a sacred, beautiful time of feminine expression and womanhood. During this time, we are in our most receptive, sensitive state and it can be absolutely magical if we embrace it.

While we are often taught to downplay our emotions during this time and try not to feel as deeply, we need to accept and allow these heightened feelings.

In ancient cultures, women were revered for their ability to create life and their wisdom, creativity, and intuition. Feminine cycles were honored as a time to be in tune with creative ideas and insights.

These wise cultures knew that a woman's cycle was a time for reflection and, just as the uterus sheds its walls, a time to shed anything that no longer serves a woman. A time to rejuvenate, rest, receive spiritual and creative insights and connect with herself.

Some cultures even had special spaces for women to be nurtured by other women and rest.

Appreciating and Listening to Our Bodies

During your cycle, the body is asking for stillness and respect as we connect with ourselves.

It is up to us to learn what our bodies need, listen to the cues our body gives us, and speak up for our needs. Here are 13 tips for relieving menstrual pain and actually enjoying your period.

13 Ways To Relieve Menstrual Pain and Actually Enjoy Your Period

1. Celebrate Solitude

Moments of solitude can be important during your cycle. Create a space of stillness where you can take a breather if needed. Remember, this time is all about respecting yourself, celebrating your worthiness, and granting yourself permission to pamper yourself.

2. Create

Your cycle is a wonderful time of creativity. Listen to your inspirations and run with them, whether that means dancing, crying, singing, painting, writing, knitting... go for it!

3. Surround Yourself With Nature

Surround Yourself With Nature

Few things are more profound than connecting with nature, especially during your monthly cycle. Let Mother Earth rejuvenate, inspire, and nourish you. Listen, relax, and soak in the beauty around you.

4. Listen To Your Body's Needs and Grant Them

Your monthly cycle is an important time to respect your body's cues and spoil yourself. It can be helpful to prep meals in advance so you do not have to worry about cooking.

Other great ideas for pampering yourself and making your cycle more enjoyable include:

  • Getting plenty of rest

  • Taking baths

  • Reading a favorite book

  • Getting a massage

  • Walking outside or on the beach

  • Listening to your favorite music

5. Speak Up and Ask For What You Need

Whether it is your partner, friends, sibling, or your yourself, speak up if you need something. It may take practice, but you can do it! Have the courage to admit it when you need or want help. We need to pave a new path for our fellow women, our daughters, and generations of women to come.

6. Celebrate Your Femininity

Surround yourself with all your favorite things and celebrate your feminine energy with ideas such as:

  • Buy yourself a boquet or make your own boquet of fresh wildflowers to display in your house

  • Diffuse your favorite essentials oils or burn incense

  • Listen to some sexy music

  • Wear a red dress or scarf, or your favorite outfit

7. Eat Some Chocolate!

Is chocolate healthy? Yes - it can be!

This might be my favorite tip, although it is important to choose high-quality chocolate with a high cacao content. As opposed to candy bars packed with sugar, dark chocolate hits the sweet spot while also offering antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and other beneficial ingredients.

In fact, dark chocolate offers a variety of proven health benefits!

8. Exercise

Should I exercise during my period?

Should I exercise during my period? Yes! I hear this question often and I always praise the benefits of light activity during menstruation.

Staying active during your cycle offers several benefits. Although you may not be up for any intense activity, light exercise can increase blood flow and cut down on cramping. It can also boost your mood.

Great examples of the types of exercise to do during your period include:

  • Stretching

  • Yoga

  • Swimming

  • Walks

  • A dance party by yourself or with your girlfriends

As with everything involving your body, and especially when it comes to your cycle, it is always important to listen to your body. Honour your body's needs and stop any activities that are not serving you.

9. Use Period Protection That Lets You Be Active

Speaking of being active, I have met plenty of women who quit exercising during their period simply because they could not find period protection they could trust.

Finding the right period protection can make a world of difference in enjoying your cycle. One of my personal favorites is a menstrual cup. These reusable, environmentally-friendly cups save money, save time (they can be left in for up to 12 hours), and offer amazing protection (zero leaks when used correctly!).

10. Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods

Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods

Filling up on nutrient-dense foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables can steer you away from the junk foods that only make you feel worse.

Some healthy, delicious snacks that will nourish and pamper your body include:

  • Carrots and hummus

  • Apple slices with nut butter

  • A smoothie made with frozen fruit of your choice, unsweetened greek yogurt, and leafy greens (with its mild flavour, spinach makes a wonderful addition to smoothies)

  • Frozen grapes

  • Whole wheat toast with avocado

11. Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine can contribute to water retention and also amplify that bloated, crampy, achy feeling. Along with coffee, other sources of caffeine include certain teas and sodas.

Good alternatives to caffeine include:

  • Ginger ale

  • Herbal Teas

  • Plain water (or jazz it up with a few squirts of fresh citrus juice from a lemon or a lime)

12. Prioritise Sleep

Sleep is always crucial to good health, but it is especially important during your menstrual cycle. Be sure to rest as much as you need so you allow your body to do everything it needs.

13. Take Notes

It can be helpful to keep track of your period each month by recording details such a:

  • How many days it lasted

  • How heavy it was on each day

  • Any side effects before, during, and after

  • When it started

  • What your cramps were like and how long they lasted

After a few months of tracking your period, you will gather important knowledge about your period. You may even notice a pattern so you can be prepared for the next time it comes.

Final Thoughts

I hope I helped you believe that your monthly cycle can actually be a time you look forward to! A time to nourish yourself, relax, and enjoy being a woman.


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November 26, 2019 — Rosie Rees

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