Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Kelly Veronica 

Trained by the Institute of Somatic Sexology

Kelly Veronica 

Are you ready to feel fully alive and connected to your body?

Do you need to strengthen or release tension in your pelvic floor muscles? 

Are you seeking support recovering from sexual or gynecological-related trauma?

Have you been struggling with pain during penetration or when you are bleeding?

Do you want to experience more pleasure and sensitivity during sex?

5 yrs ago I had my first Yoni Mapping Session, at this stage, I had no idea if it was the right thing to do, I had spent the past year trying to heal my body from a full hysterectomy, as well as 3 previous c-section, I felt lost in the medical system, no one could give me answers as to why my body was feeling so much pain and what I know to be a disconnect.

After my first session, my world changed and here I am sharing the work and healing with as many women as possible.

My approach to a Yoni mapping session is all about educating you as much as I can about how your body works, and what you need to know to be living your best life.

Sessions go for at least 3 hrs, after an extended consultation we start with some relaxing massage, allowing you and your nervous system to slow down, rolling onto your back we gently move into a breast and tummy massage, before moving onto the yoni massage.

After we have finished with the mapping, I use traditional Rebozo wraps to cocoon your body, allowing your body to feel secure and held, I play the crystal bowls for a few minutes to cleanse the energy we may have shifted during your session. I leave you for 5 minutes in silence to allow you to be with what has come up for you, or to purely enjoy 5 minutes of silence before rejoining reality.

If you would like to discuss anything before making an app please contact me for a free 20-minute phone call.



Margate, Queensland