Certified Training Provider: Kiki Maree

Director of the Yonilicious Academy of Sexuality &Certified Training Provider of the internationally accredited courses Therapeutic Yoni Massage & Somatic Sex Coaching. 

Kiki Maree (she/her)

Kiki Maree has close to ten years of experience in the field of sexuality and is passionate about spreading true sex education and holistic healing in the realms of sexuality, which is why she pours her heart and soul into the Yonilicious Academy and her students. 

Kiki is known for her gentle, informative, trauma-informed and inclusive approach to supporting her students during their studies and beyond— when they’re either stepping into their new careers in the field of sexuality or expanding upon their existing careers in the world of birth, coaching, bodywork and other areas of health and wellness. 

In her holistic approach to teaching, Kiki combines her scientific background as a Sexologist with the extensive training that she has undertaken in the spiritual and esoteric realms of sexuality. While Kiki has extensive knowledge in the subject of sexuality, bodywork and trauma-informed care, she is continuously upskilling to maintain the highest standard of training possible. She will always outsource, refer people, and collaborate when needed. 

Kiki is determined to hold a safe container for her students as they go through their processes around sexuality, their cycles, understanding their boundaries and finding their voice as they journey through the courses, and is therefore always just a call away to support them should they need. 

If you are feeling called to expand your career or to step into something entirely new in the booming industry of sexuality, explore further therapeutic yoni massage to see if the Yonilicious Academy is the right place for you.

You can find out more about Kiki and how to work with here.