Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Lola Richie

Trained by Amy Towle (Temple of She)

Lola Richie

Lola is a highly respected Somatic Sexologist, Tantric Sex Coach, and Yoni Massage Therapist known for her expertise in guiding women on transformative journeys of sensual and sexual awakening, healing, self-discovery and life-changing pleasure. With her bubbly and warm energy, Lola creates a deeply safe and lush environment where you can explore your body, experience profound self-love and intimacy, and unlock the sacred power of your sexuality.

Having worked with hundreds of women and having personally experienced the radical transformation of Yoni Massage, Lola understands its profound impact as both a giver and receiver. She has shifted from her previous state of numbness and dissociation from her body and pleasure, now embracing deep orgasmic sensitivity and a connectedness to her Divine feminine power.

Lola's approach to her practice is a unique fusion of modern science, psychology, and spirituality. She seamlessly combines ancient practices such as yoga, meditation, and tantra with cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, trauma integration and somatic theory. This delectable fusion creates a transformative experience, enabling you to reconnect with your body, heart, and yoni, and radiate with delicious feminine love and magnetism. You walk out of the ceremony feeling like an entirely new woman.

Imagine indulging in a luxurious four-hour ceremony purely devoted to you. Lola's sessions include elements like cacao, connection, an undressing ritual, full-body relaxation massage, heart awakening breast massage, yoni massage/mapping/dearmouring, crystal healing sound bath, private shower, a redressing ritual, and integration support. You can choose between a stand-alone ceremony or a deeper three-month immersion, allowing you to tailor the experience to your needs.

Located on the beautiful beach on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Lola’s Yoni Massage experience is well worth the travel, even from afar. Her clients often share their deep gratitude + wonderment, expressing that every woman deserves to experience her magic. The combination of Lola's expertise, the enchanting sacred space she creates, and the transformative nature of her sessions make her an unparalleled guide on your journey of sensual and sexual awakening, healing, self-discovery and deep pleasure.



Gold Coast, Queensland