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Are you a fan of Yoni Pleasure Palace? Do you love blogging, Instagram influencing, YouTube content creation, or all things social media? Our Affiliate Program lets you earn 15% commission by promoting the brand you love!

Program Benefits

  • Earn 💰 15% commission every time your audience uses your unique affiliate link
  • Get paid at the beginning of each month
  • Track your commissions and payments via our online APP.
  • When you craft outstanding content, be showcased on our social media channels.
  • Available across ALL 4 stores globally
  • Earn cash while boosting your followers and igniting sizzling engagement on your social media playground!

How it works

Step 1

Sign up! to create your affiliate account, click here

Step 2

You will automatically receive an email welcoming you to our affiliate program with a link to log into your dashboard.

Step 3

Your affiliate link will be approved approx. 48 hours after
submitting your application (we don't work weekends or public holidays).

Step 4

Once the link has been approved and you log into your dashboard, you will be able to see your affiliate link.


How does our affiliate link work?

Share your affiliate link and receive 15% of purchases made by customers using your link/discount code.

How does the affiliate code work?

When your code gets used at the checkout, the customer receives 10% off and you receive 15% commission. 

What happens if I share my link and my discount code?

If you share your affiliate link and your code, you will receive 15% commission and the person using it receives 10% off at the checkout. You won't double up your commissions!

NOTE: Please be aware that if the customer doesn't use the link or the discount code at the checkout, we are unable to track those orders. All codes need to be entered at the checkout as we are unable to apply discount codes once a sale has been made.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Krissy on and she will assist your queries within 24 hours.

We are SO excited to have you on our affiliate team and we are so pumped to share the abundance with you and your community.

Watch this space for our Yoni Boudoir Training, which is our specialised affiliate training coming out soon!

Love and pleasure,

Rosie Rees & the team!

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