Do you rely on a vibrator to have an orgasm? Are you finding that it is getting harder to climax?

It might be time to look at connecting with your yoni in a different way. Crystal didldos are 100% natural pleasure wands made of various crystals. Although shaped like traditional dildos, crystal dildos offer a variety of unique benefits.

Here, we'll look at how to use and care for your crystal dildos to get the most of of them.

How To Care For Your Crystal Dildo

Crystal dildos are low-maintenance, but there are some rules you'll want to follow to properly care for your wands.

When you first receive your crystal dildo, gently clean it by placing it in a bowl of warm water and a bit of mild, pH-balanced soap.

After swirling it in the water a few seconds and letting it soak for a few minutes, gently wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

Other tips to keep in mind when caring for your crystal dildo include:

  • Aim to be the only one that touches your crystal pleasure wand (crystals are extremely sensitive to other energies)
  • Expose it to regular mooonlight and sunlight and always set an intention prior to using it to help keep it energetically clear
  • Take care to always clean it properly and thoroughly after every use
  • Take the time to connect with your wand by using it for self massage, meditating with it on your chest, or sleeping with it next to you or under your pillow
  • Keep your crystal wand in a safe, sacred place

What Are the Benefits of Crystal Dildos?

Crystal wands offer a variety of potential benefits, including:

  • Helping women feel a deeper connecting to their yoni
  • Decreasing chronic pelvic floor tension
  • Promote feelings of empowerment
  • Feel amazing used internally and externally
  • 100% natural as opposed to regular dildos
  • Ability to help clear different chakras, depending on the crystal you choose
  • Magnifies sexual energy
  • Great for whole-body massage or healing massage rituals

Set Intentions, Not Expectations

Expectations can strip all the joy out of sensual self-care and pleasure. Instead of pressuring yourself to squirt or have an orgasm, focus on being present in the moment and enjoying all the different sensations you are feeling.

Crystal Dildos vs. Vibrators

Many women rely on vibrators to reach climax. However, long-term over-use of a vibrator can cause your nerve endings to become less sensitive, making it harder to achieve orgasm and connect with yourself.

How To Set An Intention With Your Crystal Dildo

To set your intention with your crystal wands, hold it in your hands, breathe in deeply and deliberately, and connect to whatever your heart is feeling at the moment.

Allow yourself to connect with the energetic vibes of your wand as you decide what to focus on (forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love, self-awareness, clearing tensions, etc.).

How Do I Use A Crystal Dildo?

Tips for using your crystal dildo:

  • Create a pleasure nest by setting up a safe space with your favourite music, lighting, candles, scents, pillows, squirt blankets, and whatever you enjoy
  • Warm your crystal dildo up using warm water, or take a hot bath or shower beforehand
  • Use deliberate breath, sound, and movement to clear sexual blockages
  • Use your favourite lube or oil (we love our Slippery Coco Luxury Intimacy Oil, organic pH balanced lube, and Yoni Elixir Oil)
  • Use the crystal wand to release tension or tightness, especially if you deal with chronic pelvic floor tension or vaginismus. Using the wand as a dilator is an excellent way to soften any pain and increase feelings of plesure.
  • Take your time and make sure your entire body is warmed up
  • Set your intention (gratitude, letting go, forgiveness, closing a chapter, manifesting money)
  • Ask consent before entering yoni
  • Slow down so you feel more sensation
  • Gently insert your wand and use it intuitively, letting your yoni guide your movements, pressure, and pace
  • Experiment with different motions and apply different levels of pressure as you explore and connect with your yoni (stimulating your clitoris manually while using your wand internally is an awesome pleasure combo!)
  • Hold space for yourself after your session, allowing feelings of pleasure to spread all over your body
  • Clean your wand with warm water and mild soap
November 17, 2021 — Rosie Rees

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