About Yoni Pleasure Palace

About Yoni Pleasure Palace

Yoni Pleasure Palace is the world’s leading online retailer of luxurious pleasure wands, yoni eggs, waterproof sex blankets and feminine wellness products.

Their mission is two fold: educate women how to tone their pelvic floor using a yoni egg and inspire women to slow down (and squirt!) using their bespoke products, such as The Sacred Squirter™, The Cervix Serpent™ and The Waterproof Squirt Blanket™.

Each glass and crystal product is GIA certified, 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic, compatible with all lubricants, temperature responsive and free from any petrochemicals, plastics or resins.

Yoni Pleasure Palace prides itself on ethical production practices, maintaining an aligned relationship and vision with a gold star supplier of almost 10 years in the industry.

About the Founder

Rosie Rees is a pleasure hedonist, modern-day nudist, sexuality coach and body image activist starting the movement #stopsuckingitin.

As the founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace, The Golden Yoni Membership and creator of Naked Awakening, she is passionate about teaching women how to slow down their self pleasure practice, tone their pelvic floor with the Yoni Egg, heal sexual blocks and learn to embrace their naked body, shame free!

Since experiencing a sexual awakening at a Jade Egg workshop in Bali in 2014, Rosie decided to ditch her vibrator, quit her stressful corporate job and follow her heart (and pussy). She discovered how consistently using the Yoni Egg helped her have internal orgasms, heal her sexual trauma and feel more juicy and alive inside her vagina; a place that felt numb and de-sensitized after many years.

She enjoys creating empowering viral movements such as #stopsuckingitin, #ownyourstarfish and #sensualeating and is a loud and proud LGBTQ+ advocate on her Instagram @rosie.rees. Rosie lives in Perth, Western Australia with her beloved partner Ash who has MS, stepdaughter Kenzie and Spoodle Harry.


"Rosie is a Women's Relationship Coach, Founder of Australia's leading alternaitve crystal sex toy shop 'Yoni Pleasure Palace', creator of 'Naked Awakening' Women's Nude Yoga workshops and movement-maker, starting the viral hashtag #stopsuckingitin and #sensualeating. She normalises taboo and inspires women to love their vagina, accept their belly and become confident in their naked skin."