Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Alexandra Durigan RN BSN

I have had such a gift to have worked with many many teachers over the last decade and have worked with thousands of women. I was originally a women's specialty registered nurse in allopathic care and from that experience I exited in search of something so much more for our womanhood, particularly of womb and pelvic health. I am now a teacher of this work.

Alexandra Durigan RN BSN [USA]

Alexandra Durigan is a Women’s Specialty Registered Nurse, Women’s Pelvic Health Specialist, and Founder of ORIGIN Pelvic Care. It was Alexandra’s personal journey and experiences within women’s health that led to the passion and mission of her work “more for our womanhood”. From working in Western, allopathic care to the founding of her private practice, ORIGIN Pelvic Care, Alexandra is here to share the importance of pelvic care throughout the journey of womanhood so that women may live radiant lives led from the beauty of their well-nourished centers.

Alexandra believes in hearing the body not as symptom, but as story, and that through right listening, touch, and tending we can cultivate regenerative repair in our sexual and reproductive bodies throughout the wholeness of our womanhood. Alexandra shares that “it is not only important and transformational on the individual level but essential to our world itself to more greatly care for our women and their wombs”.

Alexandra’s point of view is that women deserve care that enhances their lives through connection and belonging in their center, while also initiating greater health outcomes. Her in-person practice, ORIGIN Pelvic Care, is located in Boulder Colorado where she serves women in the realms of Sexuality & Pleasure, Reproductive Health, and The Birth Continuum. She also serves women in online group spaces and programs and can be found on Instagram at @originpelviccare or her website



Boulder, Colorado USA