Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Erin (The Intimacy Artist)

Trained by Kristin Murray at Yonilicious Academy of Women's Health & Sexuality

Erin (The Intimacy Artist)

Erin Ryan is a trauma-informed somatic sex coach, therapeutic yoni massage practitioner, artist, and intuitive energy healer. Her mission is to support vulva-havers in remembering their primal essence and power through raw, unfiltered self-reflection and self-responsibility. She believes by aligning the body, mind, and spirit through pleasure, expression, and embodiment; you uncover the holy erotic living within you.

Erin grew up in Los Angeles, California (where she currently resides, but travels often!) with a curiosity of her pleasure and body from a young age. As she began exploring her own body as a young girl, she quickly found that this was “unacceptable” in her world. 

For years, Erin carried feelings of shame and guilt around her sexual expression and desires. This came from many years of disempowering sexual experiences, trauma, collective conditioning, and complete disconnection from her yoni and body. As she set on a quest to heal and live with an open heart, she found authenticity in her expression.

After an extremely profound and cathartic first therapeutic yoni massage in 2019; a seed was planted in her, knowing that this ancient modality needed to be shared all over the world with as many vulva-havers as possible. A fire was lit in her to devote herself to the path of holistic sexuality and the mysteries of the sacred erotic to support other vulva-havers in creating a deeper intimacy with self, others, and the world around us.

Erin’s most heart centered intention is to create a sacred, ceremonious space for individuals to surrender to the deepest parts of themselves. To feel safe, seen, and held so they can find freedom through their process. Individuals walk away from a session with a confidence in understanding their yoni’s, feeling alive in their bodies, cultivating a love for their unique yoni, and a sense of openness from releasing any stagnation or trauma their body may have been holding onto.

She offers single 3-hour sessions and 3-session packages for those who desire a bit of a deeper journey with a specific focus. Erin also offers virtual 1:1 somatic sex coaching packages as well (3 or 6 month journeys) where she works closely with clients in igniting their unique sexual expression and creativity, opening more to pleasure, healing their relationships to their bodies, and developing new pathways to intimacy.



Los Angeles, California (USA)

Erin can travel throughout North America upon request