Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Jodanna Goddard

Trained by Amy Towle Temple of She

Jodanna Goddard

As a self-proclaimed joy-huntress, Jo is on a mission to support women (and couples) to embrace the joy that already surrounds them.

Joy = Journey Of You and Jo believes the secret to unlocking the juiciness of life is by learning to embrace ourselves as the full package that we are …. Love, light, mess & shadows.

After the birth of her third child in 2016, Jo had become a human shell unable to identify her value and worth beyond the roles of mother and housekeeper. When sickness hit her second born and modern medicine wasn’t assisting she began opening herself up to alternatives options to support her son. As her awareness grew so did her curiosity and she wholeheartedly embraced the new world that was opening up to her.

Fueled by a passion to help other women feel more empowered in their choices beyond western medicine , Jo went onto studying Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2019 , and stepped into bodywork (Kahuna) in 2020 as she began weaving together the potent medicine of therapeutic touch & energetic work.

As a forever learner and J.o.y Huntress Jo has continued to deepen her passion for supporting women to fully know & embrace themselves fully, and is able to nurture and guide women safely as they explore the depths of who they are as divine sensual, sexual beings.

Knowing that it’s the change we effect within ourselves that determines the legancy we leave behind , Jo is determined to create a ripple of self-adoring women/ mothers and change the world one awakened goddess at a time.


PH: 0410687624