Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Sasha Hopkins

Trained by Amy Towle Temple of She

Sasha Hopkins

Your session with Sasha may involve emotional and physical releases which may include physical movement or verbal sounds to assist you with releasing stagnant energy within your body. When we hold onto experiences or negative emotions that no longer serve us, it can eventuate into unwanted physical symptoms in the body. We can move through this by tapping into the emotions and past experiences using different modalities, Yoni Massage is one of these.

Sasha holds a sacred space taking time before each client to energetically prepare for you and however, you show up. Sasha accepts you and your body no matter what stage you are in your menstrual cycle, emotions, physicality, spirituality or life experience. With a passion to find what lies underneath and challenge your belief systems, Sasha holds you with unconditional love, compassion and respect.

Sasha provides a debrief session for all her clients as well as resources and daily practices to assist you further in your journey.

Sasha is passionate about her calling as a Yoni Massage Therapist as she loves working with women who are ready to do the work, to let go of their stories and doubts and to face fears with strength and power.

Sasha has felt the call to work with women for most of her life and has achieved this through her other passion as a Midwife. Sasha shares that her experience as a Yoni Massage practitioner feels energetic, spiritual, emotional and soul-fulfilling. “It feels like a remembering, as I step into the temple space, unconditional love flows through me”.

Sasha has been called to this work on a spiritual level as it allows her to tune in to her true energetic self, to be of service to women so that they too, can feel the pure positive energy of unconditional love without judgement or fear.

Sasha offers block periods for Yoni Massage bookings as she also works ‘on-call’ as a private midwife supporting women who choose to birth at home. Sasha offers Yoni Massage when she is ‘off-call’ so that she can ensure her complete and undivided attention is dedicated to you during your session. With over two years of experience of holding space for women in a ‘Closing of the Bones’ Ceremony, Sasha also offers this as an additional option with Yoni Massage bookings or as a booking on its own.

Sasha embraces her daily practices and enjoys moving her body through dance, yoga, weightlifting and gardening. Sasha is conscious to remember to tune into her Yin Qi (energy) and practices mindfulness through meditation or spending time in nature.

Sasha has also trained as a Yoga instructor, Theta Healing Practitioner and a HypnoBirthing International Educator.



North Lakes (Brisbane), Queensland
Narangba (Brisbane), Queensland