Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist & Trainer: Melissa Sanger

Melissa also teaches devotional bodywork, womb & yoni massage in The Womb Healer Facilitator Training (contact her for more information).

Melissa Sanger

Melissa Sanger is a Womb Witch and Feminine Empowerment Guide. She guides women worldwide on a journey of ancestral Womb healing, sexual empowerment & re-initiating the cyclical wisdom of the Menstrual Cycle.

Melissa was born just south of London, but now lives in the home of her heart in Oaxaca, Mexico (and also, she loves to travel around the world!).

After losing her period twice in her life, & for the second time almost three years... Melissa went on a healing journey in Latin america to heal her womb & receive her fertility back. During that time she lived with medicine women, a shamanic family in the mountains, attended many plant medicine retreats & trained in shamanism. 

Then, the second layer of her journey began, & she became fascinated with sexual healing & devotional bodywork.

When she finally received her period back she began to support others with shamanic womb healing, menstrual cycle health, body & sexual trauma healing. She is also a folk herbalist, & includes herbal medicines in all of her treatments.

Her intention is to offer a gentle, loving, grounded & powerful ritual space - to support you to awaken your yoni from numbness to pleasure and sensitivity (and even multi-orgasmic pleasure). 

Her passion is to guide you to heal the shame or trauma blocking you from experiencing your fullest sexual expression.

Why is Melissa's Yoni Massage Different?

Altogether, this unique healing portal is about 5/6 hours of devotional magic…

The Yoni Massage Ceremony Journey:

 To open the space, we spend around 1 hour at the beginning of intention setting, a guided womb meditation & checking in together.

 Followed by over 2/3 hours of full body holistic massage, breast massage, abdominal massage & womb massage. 

(Holistic massage includes breath work, emotional release, sounding release & intuitive energy work)

 Finally, with your full consent, I will enter your yoniverse & begin your internal yoni massage journey. We will focus on releasing tension & trauma from the tissues, & also pouring in deep loving presence to any tender spaces.

 At some point after about 40ish minutes, you yourself will feel a palpable sense of completion, & we will close the yoni massage portal.

  We end with a closing of the bones (cerrando los huesos) & a rebirthing ritual. 

Which leaves an abundance of time at the end for a delicious womb nourishing tea, integration, sharing & grounding…

But why is it so long? You might ask…

Melissa created this treatment, because she loves quality, depth & slowness. As a Taurus & an earth mama, not much about Melissa is short & quick. She wanted to create a deeply personalised, nourishing ceremony that just unravels without time limits. 

No western rush, just pure presence & deep surrender. Because working with the yoni takes sweet time & slowness.. Think of it as ceremonial bodywork with a deep pelvic attunement. 

She has now also offered this ceremony to multiple post-partum mamas & it has been simply DIVINE for them to receive. 



London / Kent, United Kingdom

Mazunte, the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico

Melissa will travel to most places in the world, upon request.

Womb Wisdom and the Four Menstrual Archetypes with Melissa Sanger

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