Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Nirvana Pilkington

Trained by Institute of Somatic Sexology + Urban Tantra

Nirvana Pilkington (they/them)

Nirvana believes there is a deep need for better quality, pleasure based education.  Nirvana  sees for most people, they struggle at times with intimacy, eroticism and sex in their closest relationship because they haven’t been given the right tools to guide us and no enough information on how to access pleasure in our bodies.  They understand that being more resourced for the potentially thrilling journey called our erotic life can make all the difference. 


Nirvana offers an erotic bodywork called tantric touch. This awakens the whole body to pleasure, includes genital touch if desired and is led by the client’s intention. This is an experience of touch rather than a coaching session.  Touch that is for client, touch where the client doesn’t have to give, touch that is led by the client and their desires.  It gives the client the feeling of how touch should be. 


Nirvana also offers embodied sex coaching.  This offering can help change masturbation habits, teach clients about anatomy and how to love the way our bodies works, to access the body’s pleasure potential and to explore ways to reduce tension and pain and increase pleasure within the pelvis and genital region.  Pleasure mapping, movement practices, breathwork, internal mapping, bossy massage, wheel of consent are just a few of the tools one can explore within a coaching session. 

Tantric Touch  

  • 1 hour - $250
  • 1.5 hours - $325
  • 2 hours - $380

Embodied Sex Coaching

1.5 hour - $200



Fairfield, Brisbane