Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Sarah Chicalas

Trained by Temple of She

Sarah Chicalas

Sarah’s journey with Sacral Somatic Therapy began after experiencing its transformative power firsthand. It awakened something within her, leading Sarah to embark on the training that has shaped her life. Through this training, Sarah delved deep within herself, discovering that she was the person she had been searching for all along. It has ignited Sarah’s purpose, drive, and passion, fuelling her desire to bring change and healing.

Sarah’s own struggles with past trauma and mental health challenges have driven her to seek alternative modalities for support. From experiencing the depths of depression to grappling with thoughts of suicide, she understands the desire to escape and the need for healing.

Sacral Somatics Therapy has been a profound catalyst for her personal growth, helping to shed baggage and transform her life.

Now, as a practitioner, Sarah is here to hold space for, support, guide, and witness women who are ready to embark on their own journey of healing. Sarah is passionate about working with women who are willing to dive deeper, confront their hidden parts, and seek answers within themselves.

Sacral Somatic Therapy/Yoni Ceremony is one of many sacred tantric practices involving full body massage including the breasts and with the woman’s full-bodied consent, can also involve the internal and external vagina. These sessions may also include yoni mapping and de-armouring.

This ancient practice allows women to connect back to their bodies, release physical and emotional tension, heighten their self-awareness and pleasure, to awaken new depths of their sexuality.

A Sacral Somatic Therapy Session/Yoni Ceremony takes between two and a half to three hours and includes a thirty-minute free debrief call one to two weeks after the session.

Along with the Sacral Somatics Therapy Sarah is also certified to offer a ‘Closing of the Bones’ Ceremony, Sarah offers this as an additional option with a Sacral Somatics Therapy session or separately.

If you’re ready to step into your feminine power and discover your purpose, drive, and passion, Sarah is here to support you on this transformative path. Together, let’s uncover what ignites your soul and embrace the fullness of your being.

As a trauma-informed holistic practitioner, Sarah offers the following ancient practices:
• Sacral Somatic Therapies
• Connection Touch Massage
• Closing of the Bones Ceremonies
• Transference Healing
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
• Australian Bush Flower Essences



Sacral Somatic Therapy Session/Yoni Ceremony - Full investment: $480 AUD

Closing of the bones - Full investment: $190 AUD