Meet A Yoni Massage Therapist: Skye Stevenson

Trained by Andrew Barnes

Skye Stevenson

Skye Stevenson is a mother, lover, a soulful, warm and friendly intimacy, sex educator, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Skye has been in the adult industry for 13 years from a stripper to sexual wellness, she discovered a looniness with men inside their marriages as they opened up to her, and after reaching the peak in her career she realised it was time for a pivot. Skye was determined to make a difference in the way couples relate and make love, determined to bridge the gap from what she observed in her early twenties, and pivoted into sex coaching.

Skye not only healed herself from vaginismus, she finally feels sexual freedom, healing from sexual trauma and has a passion for sharing her knowledge gained from various tantric teachers both overseas and in Australia. She has helped many couples experience blissful joy within their sexual union. With her unapologetic, sexually positive approach she now makes it her mission to grant others the knowledge of how they too may feel raw passion by abandoning their fears and embracing their innermost desires.



Perth, Western Australia

Gold Coast, Queensland

Melbourne, Victoria