Tips for Crafting Your Perfect Listing In Our Facebook Group

Have you got a YPP item you want to sell?

(DM our ypp admin vanessa before posting this to the ypp facebook group!)

When listing YPP items for sale, follow these 7 simple tips to ensure your post stands out and attracts buyers! 🛍️

TIP 1:
Start with "FOR SALE" at the top of your post! This helps people find your items easily in the search.

TIP 2:
Clearly state what you're selling, the RRP (Recommended Retail Price), and your selling price. 💰 I recommend a 30% or more discount on the RRP since YPP's highest promotion discount is 25%, but usually, it's between 10-20%.

TIP 3:
Specify the currency you're selling in! YPP is a global group, so make sure people know if you're talking about AUD, USD, or another currency. 🌏

TIP 4:
Mention if pickup is available and your suburb if applicable. 🚗

TIP 5:
Indicate if you're willing to ship and at whose expense. For example: "Willing to ship within [your country] at seller's expense" or "Willing to ship worldwide at buyer's expense." ✈️

TIP 6:
Explain why you're selling and how you've cleaned the items. 🧼 This is especially important for glass and vibrators. For crystals, mention how you've energetically cleansed them and remind buyers to practice "good toy hygiene" too. 

🔮 Tip for energetically cleansing: Place the crystal in sunlight for 10 mins (no longer, as sunlight could damage the crystal).

🧽 Toy cleaning: Check out Cleaning Your Sex Toys 101 for a detailed guide

TIP 7:
Attach clear images of each item to your post! 📸