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The ancient storytelling practice of Australian Indigenous art is profound and this divinely feminine piece tells the story of the sacredness of menstruating or "Ginggauwarrong Gurrk".

Bring this art into your living room or bedroom with our limited edition waterproof blanket in collaboration with Madison Connors from Yarli Creative. Madison is a proud and strong Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Gamilaroi woman residing in Wurundjeri Country in Eastern Melbourne. Her profound connection to the environment and her body is a lifeline, tracing back to the bloodline that courses through the land and her community. 

The Intention For This Blanket

This blanket was created with the intention of free bleeding, a practice that historically many women would do each month, naturally, without shame. No one should ever feel shame about something so natural, yet it’s surprising how much stigma still surrounds it.

We want you to snuggle up while bleeding without worrying about leaks, whether sleeping or just lounging on the couch. Menstruation isn’t just about periods – it’s a public health matter that needs attention and celebration in our society. Let’s break the silence, banish the shame, and prioritise menstrual health!

The blanket features vibrant, rich tones of pink, blush, ruby and maroon red printed on a waterproof micro-velvet polyester fabric with ultra-soft faux (fake) rabbit fur on the back. It can also be used for kids, pets, the elderly, throws, picnics, car seat covers after the beach, or intimate sexy time with yourself or a partner. 

About the Art:

This art print featured on the blanket is called “Ginggauwarrong Gurrk", which translates to Beyond Blood in Dja Dja Wurrung language. It is a powerful artwork that embraces the sacredness of menstruation and bleeding. 

Through vibrant colours and intricate symbolism, the artwork invites viewers to shed the societal shame often associated with menstruation while restoring the inherent power and strength that come with it.

“Ginggauwarrong Gurrk” radiates empowerment, serving as a poignant reminder of the unbreakable connection between the human experience and the natural world and a celebration of the resilience and unity of those who menstruate.


One size available: 1.4 metres x 1.4 metres (56x56 inches)

The blanket is small enough to take anywhere and big enough to throw on the bed or couch. 


Made of polyester micro-velvet on one side and fluffy vegan faux fur on the other, with both sides being both 100% absorbent & leak-proof. 

Washing Instructions:

Wash separately in a cool or warm wash (30 degrees or lower) and wash like you would wash your towels or sheets with a fast spin cycle. Line dry or tumble dry. If you tumble dry, test for 30 minutes before drying it for longer, as your dryer may melt the inner TPU layer. 

More About The Artist:

Having been fortunate to come into the world and grow up in Kannygoopna, known as Shepparton, Madison was surrounded by bountiful waters that yielded the catch of big fish. She spent her formative years in her grandmother’s Country, immersing herself in the deep-rooted traditions and wisdom passed down through generations. These experiences have significantly influenced her perspective and formed the bedrock of her aspirations.

Today, Madison resides in Wurundjeri Country, nestled within the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It is here, alongside her young family, that she continues to delve into her ancestral roots and build upon the legacy left by her forbearers. Each day, she draws inspiration from the strong lineage of women who came before her and strives to tread in their footsteps with grace and purpose.

Through her work, Madison aims to encapsulate the whole essence of her heritage and evoke a sense of pride within her community. Whether she’s channelling her heritage through artistic expressions or achieving meaningful milestones, her dedication is unwavering in leaving a lasting impact and contributing to the empowerment of her community.

The essence of her identity serves as a driving force, originating from her heart and shaping her core being. This evocative piece transcends the physical realm, delving into the profound significance of these natural processes for those who experience them.

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