Brenna - Violet and Rose Herbal Breast Oil


This oil uses herbs that have an affinity with the female reproductive tissues and uses essential oils to magnify self love. It also smells like Turkish Delight - so ya know, there’s that. There is a great importance of breast massage as a regular part of a woman’s preventative self care routine plus as an act of self love. Consistent breast/underarm massage keeps the lymph nodes at the armpits healthy and flowing, helping to prevent the stagnation that may contribute to breast cancer. And, of course, it is a great way to get to know the terrain of your mammary glands, so that you will know immediately if anything has changed and can seek medical attention as early as possible if you find a lump. Early detection is everything, and the familiarity that breast self massage engenders is an excellent way to ensure this.


*Pink Rose Petals (Rosa centifolia): The Elemental of ROSE was assigned to the heart.

Wild Crafted Violet Leaves (Viola Odorata): The elemental of Violet seems to have a particular affinity for the breasts and lungs. It has long been used to shrink tumors and swellings. Violet can boost a sluggish lympahtic system. Violet comforts and strengthens the heart, helps to increase spirituality, has inspiring properties, comforting in times of grief and encourages independence and acceptance of change. Violet helps to overcomes fears and shyness, offers new beginnings.

*Calendula Herbal Extract (Calendula Officinalis): Calendula is an extremely effective wound healer , gentle, cooling and soothing. It’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory, vulnerary (prevents tissue degeneration & promotes healing of wound) ~ astringent (contracts, tightens & binds skin tissue), anti-fungal and antiseptic properties . Calendula helps heal many skin disorders and is exceptional for those with sensitive skin.

Cacao Essential Oil (Theobroma cacao): Cacao helps you to open your heart, heightens meditation, creativity and provides a soul connection and exploration. Cacao is decadent and celebratory.

Rose Essential Oil (Rosa damascena): The elemental of rose was assigned to the heart . Rose refreshes a sad heart and soul , opens doors to love, friendship and empathy, comforts in times of sorrow, dissolves psychological pain and heals emotional wounds . Rose boosts self esteem, confidence and mental strength, it invokes positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation, creates feelings of joy, happiness and hope.

*Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedrus atlantica): Cedarwood has a grounding, fortifying, strengthening and comforting effect, gives us an immovable strength in times of crisis, steadying the conscious mind, helps to resist the sudden events and powerful emotions that threaten to undermine our confidence and morale.

Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium graveolens) : The oil of SELF LOVE what better oil to include in a herbal oil for the heart space? Geranium uplifts the spirits, brings joy, harmony and happiness. Geranium releases negative emotions and memories , helps diminish fears of abandonment, love and surrounding commitment, it’s balancing and grounding. Geranium is used for spiritual practice and meditation, helping to connect to the intuition and wisdom of the heart.

*Olive Oil (Olea europaea L.).


Massage this oil onto your breasts and heart space be sure to get into the armpit lymphatic tissue that is connected to the breasts. This oil is helpful on your belly and womb area as well! (And to be clear, you can rub this oil anywhere & everywhere. These herbs have a special affinity with women’s reproductive tissues, but their benefits are far reaching). Can also be used to connect to heart space in meditation for connection and healing.


External use only. Please consult a doctor is lactating or pregnant. Please patch test and avoid broken skin.

What's Included:

  • Brenna - Violet and Rose Herbal Breast Oil - 50ml 
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